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With a mission to create revolutionary educational environments for exceptional men and women, SGT University’s Faculty of Fashion and Design (FFAD) has become the country’s pioneering School of Fashion Education and has been at the forefront of supplying professional human resources to the textile and garment industries. Established in 2016, the Faculty of Fashion & Design has also worked as a knowledge supplier in design creation, Skill Upliftment and handicrafts throughout the years. The school provides opportunities for teachers and students to connect with education institutions, fashion houses, startup centres, and enterprises related to their programmes.

The School of Fashion and Design believes that creativity requires investigation, daring, risk-taking, and endurance. Students should not be afraid of making errors or receiving criticism but rather see them as chances for progress. At SGT, students are constantly encouraged to take risks in their work by giving them time to explore their ideas on design intervention in textiles and clothing and find innovative solutions on a variety of projects they are working on so that they can show you what is possible when they apply themselves creatively.

Prof. O. P. Kalra, Vice-Chancellor

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The faculty of Fashion and Design has fully air-conditioned Hostel Facilities and smart classrooms and 12 Highly Equipped Labs ranging from Pattern Making to Garment Construction and quality testing. Resource Centre with over 900 titles of books and a colossal material collection including tie-dye swatches, Fashion Garments, Traditional Costumes & Textiles and accessories. The faculty of Fashion & Design also represents a rich diversity of students from various parts of the country.

SGT University is meant to give its students an intensive learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. SGT University, a residential campus on the outskirts of India’s capital, features a peaceful setting suitable for study and self-discovery. The University is a microcosm of India, with students from 22 states and a warm and supportive community that represents the country’s variety in culture, talent, and opinions. “To support its ambitious objective of developing the next generation of leaders, FFAD develops a respected campus culture in which students are encouraged to participate in intellectual discussions, develop skills, question conventional thinking, and try out new ideas. The Department also offers all of the tools necessary for students to create and pursue various academic and recreational interests via clubs, groups, events, and entrepreneurial ventures,” shares Dr. M.K. Nair, the Dean of the Faculty of Fashion & Design at SGT University.

Dr. M.K. Nair, Dean

Collaboration is key

Industries seek collaborations with universities to discover and train potential employees. Companies desire access to Faculties who create the cutting-edge information and technology as global economies evolve. The Faculty of Fashion & Design actively organises Webinars on the latest developments in Fashion & textile industry by Experienced industry professionals such as Ms. Zoya, Ms. Karishma & Ms. Deepa Sondhi and Mr. Kapil Kishor, to name a few. The Faculty also has active linkages with Inditex Group, which retails Zara. “The faculty of Fashion & Design has faculty members having rich experience in the fashion & Textile industry and are available to share their experience and knowledge with the students,” Dr. Nair.

Promoting Excellence

The Faculty of Fashion and Design at SGT University provides scholarships in the form of Tuition Fee Concession, which is granted to deserving students at the time of enrollment and in future years.

The Break-up of Scholarship is as follows:

  1. If Marks Obtained are above 90 %: 100% Scholarship on tuition fees.
  2. If Marks Obtained are between 75% to 90 %: 50% Scholarship on tuition fees.
  3. If Marks Obtained are between 60% to 75%: 25% Scholarship on tuition fees.

“One of the most prevalent benefits of entrepreneurship is that it enables students to continue growing their interpersonal skills, sense of invention, creativity, etc. So that students may develop more new and fantastic ideas that will benefit both them and society,” Mr Nair says. Hence, the department has taken an initial step towards entrepreneurship by launching Design for life, an in-house brand that represents creativity from young & bright minds from the department. Apart from entrepreneurship, FFAD also prioritises placements in top companies and institutes. Most recently, 40% of final year students from the faculty got placed with Inditex Group and are actively assisting the group in its retail operations. Paramount Clothing has active linkages with the faculty regarding student training & internships in the Ready-Made Garment Sector.

Striving through the Tough Times

The faculty of Fashion & Design has overcome all the challenges faced initially during the Covid-19 period through continuous persistence and its nature to quickly adapt to the changes in the textile industry. Faculties from the Faculty of Fashion and Design are now well versed in developing and delivering online courses;. However, initially proposed study abroad programs have suffered a bit. Still, since stability has prevailed in the current pandemic era, the faculty of fashion and design is actively searching for such opportunities for students in this domain.

FFAD has commenced classes in a physical mode keeping all the mandatory Covid-19 precautions regarding social distancing and sanitisation as specified by UGC and the Ministry of Health & Family welfare. The institute has subscribed services from Ms-Teams hence at the same time, the infrastructure is ready in case there is any requirement for an online mode of education. “Initially suggested study abroad programmes encountered some setbacks, but now that the current epidemic period has brought stability, the department of fashion and design is actively seeking such possibilities for students in this subject,” Mr Nair shares.

For More Info: https://sgtuniversity.ac.in/faculty-of-fashion-design/

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