Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, Provost, HSNC (Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate) University

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, a renowned businessman, the Co-Founder and MD, Hiranandani Group, who recently started a distinct Business Unit Hiranandani Communities. Currently, he spearheads as the National President for National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), which works under the aegis of Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, Government of India and also appointed President of one of the oldest trade body of India – ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry). He is also been conferred with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Management with thesis on real estate.


“The youth need to be enabled to become job creators from job seekers”, said Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. This is a quote I fully concur with and observe, keeping it relevant by putting it into practicality.

Students are the driving force of our future nation, where their strength and aspiration can bring about phenomenal growth to the nation. Every child is born with distinctive abilities and qualities which require proper guidance and assistance to succeed in life at large. Sound knowledge of domains will be helpful to transform a student into an industry leader. This is only possible with perseverance, consistency, and a passion to drive towards unchartered territories of development and progress.

Education is the foundation built to scale the stairs of prosperity. The revolutionary changes that one aspires to bring in society require the concept of – ‘perennial learning processes’. Learning is one such affair that knows no bounds which extends beyond the four walls of a classroom. Students are not merely defined by their institutions or grades but by their appetite to learn and the zeal to consistently broaden their horizons. Therefore, we can say that the roots of nation-building confines the hands of the students across the nation.

World Student’s Day also marks an occasion to celebrate the spirit of multiculturalism and the diversification of the student community across the globe. The process of assimilation of knowledge liquifies the man-made constructs of culture, religion, caste, and color. Such is the aura of the knowledge-gaining process, where students engulf the stigmas surrounding societies and unifies the community to be able to create a better world for our future generations to come.

Our nation is at its cusp to become the next global superpower. In order to inculcate and grow the youth of a nation, education serves as the driving force and navigates the right path to pursue and soar. Having a crystal clear vision fosters the process of accomplishments which renders greater visionary goals. Students from all walks of life constitute a rich source of human capital equity. They are the power behind steering the wheels of the nation to scale new pinnacles of evolution.

In the knowledge banks of the nation, students are not just academic candidates but are learners from every walks of life. The inter-relationship between the concept of a student and the process of learning is co-dependent. One is never too young or old to learn; it is a role that every person dons throughout their life in an effort to keep getting better. It is a continuous learning process that marks the cornerstone of a progressive society. The key takeaway being the approach to learn, diversify and garner each life opportunity fruitfully.

Overcoming the challenges of life, shaping one’s characteristics is profound. India is rich with a young demographic dividend and being in its glorious years of development, a plethora of opportunities for growth will shape India’s future and students will play a pivotal role in Nation building. The more we enrich and empower the human capital, the more we can shine as a global superpower. Students are the future growth drivers and celebrating their endeavors will be the new economic growth cogwheels.

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