Ujjwal Singh, President & CEO, Infinity Learn by Shri Chaitanya

A tech enthusiast and innovator, Ujjwal Singh is the CEO & President of Infinity Learn an outcome-based learning EdTech start-up by Sri Chaitanya Group. At the company’s helm, he is responsible for the overall management of the fast-growing brand, ensuring that its mission and vision are successfully implemented across the operations. Keeping values of ideation, innovation, constant improvement, and inclusivity, Ujjwal strongly believes in modernising education by breaking the barriers of conventional education systems.


We all know the importance of self-evaluation, especially while preparing for competitive examinations like NEET and JEE. At the stage of preparation, it’s crucial to evaluate your understanding of concepts, finding areas of improvement. Combining these parameters with the proper guidance, you can make all the difference and ace the exams. This is where EdTech is playing a game-changing role.

With increased access to the internet, smartphone penetration, and AI-based innovations, EdTech players are making the preparation journey more organized, seamless and hassle-free for aspirants. Being a study buddy, EdTech platforms gives students easy access to online study material, allow them to take tests anytime, get instant teacher assistance 24×7, and whatnot to

find their way to success.

The seamless access to these learning resources by EdTech enables students to consume content on the go and track their progress, which not only makes learning more engaging but also helps them save a lot of time, as against conventional classroom setups.

In terms of learning, people lately have started adopting the concept of digital learning and are actually shifting towards digital platforms. There is a massive surge for high–quality online experiences with all businesses at all levels working to create new solutions for online lessons.

Below are the top advantages that EdTech players bring to the table:

Promotes self-studying habits

Learning is only effective when it comes from within rather than being imposed by external factors. The emergence of EdTech platforms has made it possible for students to study independently by enabling them to go beyond the boundaries of textbooks and teachers’ notes. These platforms use interactive capabilities like engaging quizzes, online tests, and eBooks to make the learning process more engaging and productive. This not only allows students to learn more effectively but also helps them improve their problem-solving skills.

Provides access to vast reference material

Access to suitable study materials and other important information is essential for anyone preparing for a competitive exam. But not everyone can afford offline coaching sessions and purchasing preparation books and study materials because of the high costs. EdTech platforms, on the other hand, have completely transformed how students prepare for competitive exams. They provide a well-researched curriculum, video lessons, study resources, and much more, all in one place, adding order to the overall preparation process, making study material highly organized and accessible while preparing for exams.

Monitors progress through practice tests

Practice makes a man perfect. The adage is appropriate for students, as regular practice helps them grasp ideas better. And EdTech platforms precisely ensure this by allowing students to take adequate practice tests to keep track of their progress. These tests also help them gain familiarity with the exam format. This keeps additional stress at bay and boosts them to perform well during exam hours.

Assists in receiving real-time support from qualified mentors

With EdTech platforms, students get access to reliable mentors 24×7. This gives them more freedom to study, practice and clarify doubts anytime, anywhere. This allows the doubts clarified instantly. This approach makes preparation more flexible for students and enables them to complete their syllabus within a shorter period.


With more and more innovations in this space, the EdTech sector is likely to become a $3.5 billion market in 2022, as highlighted by a NASSCOM survey. Education is not a traditional classroom concept anymore. It has taken the learning process online, enabling teachers and students to educate and learn, respectively, without any geographical barrier. Going forward, EdTech will not just transform how students prepare for competitive exams but will completely revolutionize the education system with more focus on content development, pedagogy, problem-solving and life skills.

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