Achin Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO, Notebook

Achin Bhattacharyya pursued this dream to provide access to learning for primary and secondary school education in India. With the inclusion of all major boards and outreach to urban and rural classes of the country at affordable price points, Notebook is an effort to provide access to easy and efficient learning for school students. To provide quality content aligned to the syllabus, Notebook has a highly qualified team of content developers and an advisory board of senior educators, who have helped in ensuring the highest quality standards, that are validated across multiple schools. Care was also taken to provide best-in-class creative elements and technology.


The first time in our life, we have been hit by a global catastrophe of this magnitude, an event which has affected the entire world like never before and cast its gloomy shadow on our entire planet by this pandemic and humanitarian crisis.

Now in this situation, basic amenities and liberties of life like food, going around with friends, etc seem priceless, the entire world is virtually locked down and the only sound that pierces through this never-ending silence is the siren of police vans and ambulance on the streets who are selflessly doing there duty to keep us safe.

This is an opportunity for us to self introspect and realize that life is not only about being happy in our own world and turning a blind eye to the eye to issues around us.

Events like this make us realize that we are part of a much larger global community and thus we are all connected by the virtue of being fellow inhabitants on this planet. So next time when we hear about issues like deforestation or global warming, we will naturally pay more attention.

As we fight this war against one of the biggest humanitarian crises to ever occur, all educational institutions are rightfully shut down to prevent the spreading of the virus, however, the clock never stops ticking and young minds are forever hungry for knowledge.

With this backdrop, it is essential that we unleash the power of digital education and use it like never before to ensure that every student gets the opportunity to optimally utilize there’s time and embark on a journey of self-learning and empowerment.

Now when the parents are working from home and also parallelly managing housework, its important that children also effectively utilize their time and get the joy of self-learning.

Some tips which may come in handy are as follows

  • Focus on conceptual clarity

Since there is no peer pressure of someone breathing down your neck, this an opportunity to get your concepts clear, you need to be at ease with your learning curve which is rightfully unique to yourself. However, in online digital platforms, you have the option of spending as much time as you want on a particular topic, till such time you have conceptual clarity.

  • Cement the basics

It is very important to get the foundation strong or else the entire structure lacks stability, likewise in education getting the building blocks in place is the most important part of the whole process.

In digital education, the focus is mostly on getting the basics right as the objective is to equip the student with the fundamentals so as to give him the confidence to embark on a journey of self-exploration after motivating him enough.

  • Switch between subjects

Don’t let monotony and boredom set in, keep shuffling between different subjects because studying one lesson continuously at times lead to dip in interest levels.

  • Focus on takeaways

Whether it is your classroom at school or digital lessons at home the basic ways of learning will never change, please take notes so as to focus on your takeaways from a particular lesson.

  • Discuss with your friends and teachers

You can always discuss a lesson over a call or video chat, it also gives you the feeling of community learning and helps in making you more competitive and participative in the entire learning process.

  • Revisit your lessons

There are no substitutes for revision, please revise the topics at regular intervals to maximize the impact.

  • Get a hang of the subject and syllabus

Digital content is edited sharply and hence gives maximum coverage in terms of time invested. Thus it helps you give a very quick grip in terms of covering the topic from a holistic perspective.

  • Be honest with yourself

When you are studying on your own, its an immersive experience almost like meditating. It is very important that you discover your strengths and developmental needs so as to accordingly discover your recipe for success. Each individual is different and hence it is important to know your inner strengths so as to capitalise on them.

Very often herd mentality leads to a generic approach of education which is not good when it comes to promoting individuality.

  • Practice to build your confidence

Online digital platforms give us the opportunity to practice a lot, so as to build your confidence. Thus it gives you the opportunity to practice in a faceless environment wherein you won’t be judged by anyone.

  • Have Fun

Enjoy yourself during this period of staying at home, at times you are sure to miss your friends, school and outdoor activities but at the same time, this is an opportunity to spend time with your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. when was the last time, when you got so much time to spend at home with all your loved ones. So let’s make the most of it and create memories for a lifetime.

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