Mohit Marwah, Co-founder and Co-CEO, AAFT Online

Mohit Marwah has been dedicatedly adding a novel and multidimensional approach to foster the group’s vision with his creative and managerial abilities. He is also a renowned actor who has worked for films like Fugly and Raagdesh, along with many short films under the banner of Yash Raj Films and Dharma Productions. He feels that media and arts represent as well as influence our society in a strong manner. He is, thus, a strong believer in harnessing the true power of creativity. He believes that eLearning has the power to change the landscape of education in India and is incessantly engaged in ensuring an enriched learning experience at AAFT Online to make the students industry-ready.


Technology has distinctly transformed industries, subsequently changing the nature of numerous jobs. The convergence of tech and visual design is one such example of technology pervading an industry and giving rise to multiple exciting job opportunities. Aspirants have immense scope to turn their passion into lucrative professions that are tech-backed and creative. That said, here is a look at some tech careers in visual design:

Web Design 

As a web designer, you get to create the end-to-end visual experience an individual will have on a website. From the pages, to the graphics, and even the layout, a web designer gives a website its structure. Learning specific software and staying updated on the latest website and internet trends are essential for a web designer to create engaging pages. Web designers must have considerable programming skills and in-depth knowledge of website usability. The required skills include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, graphic design, etc. They must also have a certain expertise in content management systems as well as other design software that their organization might use.

UI/UX Design

In today’s hyper-connected world, a majority of consumers connect with brands through their websites or apps. UI/UX designers ensure that these websites and apps are optimally designed to engage and not confuse visitors. UI/UX designers require a diverse skillset since they play a number of roles. Full-stack designers must be proficient in data interpretation, wireframing, prototyping, web development, and UX Writing. Designers are required to conduct user research to understand the needs of the audience base, create user personas, develop a relevant information architecture that depicts the most logical layout, design user flows and wireframes, and finally test out prototypes. An interesting and fast-growing career option, UI/UX designers, work with innovative software like InVision Studio, Axure, AdobeXD, Figma, etc.

Augmented Reality Designer 

Augmented Reality is the latest buzzword and gaining traction in the Indian market. In the simplest terms, an Augmented Reality designer superimposes technology onto the real world to create an immersive experience for end-users. They design the media and computer-generated input that forms the Augmented Reality physical world. An Augmented Reality designer must possess a host of technical skills such as C++/C# languages, 3D modelling, web/mobile programming, technical design abilities, and computer vision. Professionals in the role can find lucrative job opportunities in gaming companies, educational institutes, automotive segment, artificial intelligence companies, among many others.


VFX, in India, is currently all the rage as animated content is being created for kids, adults, and families alike. India’s animation and VFX industry was valued at around INR 53 billion in 2020, estimated to reach INR 129 billion by 2023. Animators require inherent creativity and a strong visual imagination. New-age animators must be skilled in graphic art and 2-D and 3-D animation, and visual effects to establish a highly successful career.

As we break out of traditional methods of doing things and enter the digital era, there is no dearth of opportunities for skilled talent, especially those who have honed themselves in innovative technologies. As such, professionals looking to excel in the creative arts space can look at EdTech based learning. Creative EdTech companies are offering non-traditional courses that can boost employability and unleash the potential of Indian talent.

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