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Librada Avelino and Carmen de Luna were two visionaries who understood the necessity of a learning center for Filipino women that focused on teaching ideal womanhood, intelligent citizenship, and democratic leadership anchored on the tenets of science and virtue. Inspired by the patriotic movement to nationalize schools, they established the “Centro Escolar de Señoritas” on June 3, 1907, now known as the Centro Escolar University (CEU).

From a prospectus that initially offered Kindergarten, Elementary, General Secondary, Music and Home Arts courses, the University today offers more than 30+ undergraduate programs under Accountancy and Management, Education, Liberal Arts, Music and Social Work, Health Sciences— Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Technology, Pharmacy, Nursing, Optometry — Nutrition and Hospitality Management, Science and Technology, and Law and Jurisprudence; 30+ Master’s Programs; 15+ Doctoral programs; and several other diploma programs.

OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION: STANDING (from left to right): Ms. Bernardita T. Traje, Asst. Controller; Mr. Cesar F. Tan, Treasurer,Asst. Corporate Secretary and Asst. Compliance Officer; Dr. Rhoda C. Aguilar, University Registrar; Mr. Jericho P. Orlina, Asst. VP for Business Affairs; Mrs. Ma. Rolina S. Servitillo, VP for Administration and Accounting; Dr. Carlito B. Olaer, VP for Student Affairs; Dr. Bella Marie L. Fabian, Asst. VP for Administration; Ms. Corazon M. Tiongco, Asst. Treasurer and Purchasing Department Head • SEATED (from left to right): Dr. Erna V. Yabut, VP for Research and Evaluation and Corporate Information Officer; Dr. Maria Flordeliza L. Anastacio, VP for CEU Malolos; Dr. Ma. Cristina D. Padolina, President and Chief Academic Officer; Dr. Olivia M. Limuaco, VP for CEU Makati; Dr. Teresa R. Perez, VP for Academic Affairs

This diversity in the curricular offerings was not made overnight. Rather, it is the result of conducting bi-annual management review and strategic planning every three years, an initial and important part of which is the internal and external environment scanning to identify the University’s strengths and weaknesses and threats and opportunities in the education industry. This introspection resulted in updating the existing curricular programs and offering new ones. Additionally, the curricular offerings follow the outcomes-based education model, where the teaching-learning process is focused on turning out outputs and innovations through students’ problem-solving skills and creativity.

Moreover, many of the curricular programs have entrepreneurship courses. CEU is in partnership with Wadhwani Foundation to deliver this entrepreneurship program using the Foundation’s model. Keeping in mind the academic needs of the students, CEU ensures to hire proficient faculty members. Most professors at CEU have either a Master’s or a Doctorate degree to their credit. CEU further ensures that these professors teach subjects aligned with their particular specialization.

(From left to right): Dental Demo Room, Food Laboratory, Vision and Eye Care Center, Case Presentation Room

Moreover, CEU faculty members join rigorous training and development programs; they are also sent to training programs held in the country and abroad. Thanks to the proficient faculty, updated curricula, and modern teaching-learning methodologies and facilities, CEU students have been performing excellently in the licensure examinations. They have been consistently proving their mettle by achieving high passing percentage and becoming topnotchers in the fields of Dentistry, Optometry, Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Education, and Social Work. Escolarians have also received numerous awards for athletics and its resident performing groups—the CEU Pep Squad and CEU Singers, who have been competing and winning in local and international competitions.

The University is dedicated to high standards of education, thus it constantly implements new and innovative approaches that enhance student engagement. “Students in both science and non-science programs are further exposed to and immersed in their fields of specialization through internship and practicum in either local or international companies or institutions,” said Dr. Ma. Cristina D. Padolina, CEU President and Chief Academic Officer.

The Sampaguita Interlude is a traditional ceremony held at CEU a few days before graduation day. Its beginnings date back to the year 1938 and from then on, it has become a significant event. The ceremony marks the formal turnover of duties and responsibilities of the graduating seniors to the juniors who will succeed them

A Haven for International Students

CEU provides a seamless culture transition for international students by warmly welcoming and assisting them through the yearly operation of the College Freshman Assistance Center (CFAC). This aims to assist new students to adjust with ease to the University environment and impress upon the freshman students the caring culture of the University. “The various Schools in CEU conduct different freshman orientation sessions, all with the same purpose in mind—make them feel at ease and welcome them to our family,” said Dr. Teresa R. Perez, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “We at CEU have qualities that we intend to instill in Escolarians, called Centro Escolar Expected Graduate Attributes (CEEGA), which are being lifelong learner, reflective and creative thinker, caring and trustworthy, proficient communicator, competent and productive professionals.

(From left to right): Students under Cultural Exchange Program in the U.S, Students under Student Internship Abroad Program in Vietnam

Moreover, we ensure that along with academics, the curricula also work towards nurturing responsible citizens of the world,” she added. CEU to be The University of the Future equips students with the required knowledge and skills for their careers while faithfully instilling essential values. Moving forward, it is the resolve of CEU to continue empowering and inspiring students, personnel, and its other stakeholders.

CEU Pep Squad

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