Mohit Kaushal, Founder & CEO, YouForrte

Mohit Kaushal is the founder of YouForrte, a freemium online video-sharing platform, driven by talent and inspired by people. It opens a gateway for individuals tracking a career in the media and entertainment industry. The leading agency was launched to bring together the pool of talent under one roof, right from amateurs, professionals to the groups seeking collaborations, with an aim of providing them a medium to attract, retain, develop and deploy talent in a dynamic, customer-centric business. Kaushal’s distinguished array of skills incorporates an exemplary 18+ year-long experience. He has had exposure to multi-disciplinary functions like Customer Support, Business Excellence, Product Management, Operations, Sales & Marketing in three industries — ITES BPO, Telecom, and Logistics.


Performing Arts is a form of art in which an artist uses their physical ability to perform in front of a mass audience. If you are creative and expressive, passionate about your field and have the right amount of patience, stamina and perseverance, you are all set for becoming a successful performer. The need of the hour is to change the perception as performing arts is more than just acting and it encompasses professions such as dancing, singing, music and other talent-based genres.

Performing arts as a field fuels your aspirations and provides a platform for presenting your emotions based on the skills acquired over the years. To find your footing in their field of choice and emerge successfully, it is imperative to outshine in this highly aggressive industry with cutthroat competition. It is important to build a network, be active on social media channels and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. Being an enthusiast and having the right skill sets is great but acquiring the right training is also equally important. This requires an amalgamation of creative talent with practical aspects of self-promotion and arts management. There are also different types of art schools that help in creating a bright career in performing arts by providing a variety of specialisations. Broadly speaking performing arts are categorised into three verticals Music, Dance and Drama. They all together have emerged as successful career options for the professionals looking to leave their mark in this progressive industry by achieving name, fame and money.

Career Options

There are a lot of careers available for a performer to perform. Talking about ‘Music’- it involves singing, composing, playing musical instruments etc. Singing is a crucial component of many different musical genres. It enables us to express emotions that words can’t communicate. In drama, an artist is expected to depict a story or a thought by combining speech, gestures, music, dance, facial expressions and sound. Each emotion in this art form is usually practised for ensuring the right delivery. Now, coming to ‘Dance’- a person performing dance needs specific training for gaining perfection in their skills. This is basically a combination of drama and music, wherein the performer performs by the rhythmic movement of the body. This art requires a lot of synchronization with the background music or beat, each of these mediums draw their relevance from Indian culture. Apart from glitz and glam, a host of opportunities that these creative avenues offer are Composer, Production Manager, Script Writer, Visualizer Choreographer and many more.

Skills Required

Talent alone is not sufficient for excelling in a specific role or field. There are certain skills required to accelerate your career and compete with others. Stepping onto a stage and performing in front of a mass audience requires a huge amount of confidence and determination. Only hard work and believing in your potential can help you climb the ladder of fame and recognition. Hence in such situations, it’s natural to feel nervous, but as a professional performer, you need to harness and use these nerves to better your performance. Due to the competitive and highly-skilled nature of the industry, you might experience rejection at some point in your career. But, that should never stop you from progressing. 

Summing Up

“Every artist was first an amateur”, a constant reminder for all those individuals to have a strong vision to start their journey without a second thought and achieve greater success. 

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