Mike Ferguson, Director of Global Student Recruitment, University of Canberra

Mike Ferguson is a senior leader in the International Education Sector of Australia with experience within the Tertiary and Government sectors. He is passionate about the long-term sustainability of the international education sector and a strong advocate for Australian education internationally. Mike dedicates his professional expertise to ensuring international students receive the best possible education experience in Australia – both in terms of education and personal enrichment that overseas study provides.


Australia’s national capital, Canberra delivers the best of both worlds as a modern multicultural city located within a stunning natural environment. It exudes a charm that has positioned it amongst the world’s best education destinations in the QS Best Student City ranking for 2022. For students seeking an opportunity to pursue their dreams in a welcoming environment, with a balanced lifestyle, Canberra is an ideal choice.

Students from India have been choosing to study in Australia because it is renowned for its world-class education, post-study work opportunities, and excellent quality of living. With borders now fully open after lockdowns necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, student numbers are seeing an uptick. It is encouraging to see that a recent survey of 10,000 students from over 180 countries has put Australia back at the very top of the list of overseas study destinations.

Why Canberra is a top choice in Australia

For international students building a new life abroad, Canberra provides a terrific balance of study and fun. It also offers a wealth of opportunity thanks to its highly diverse employment market and the highest average income and lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Little wonder that many students opt to make Canberra their home after graduation.

Canberra is young, exciting, and thrives on education

Canberra is a young and progressive city with a global reputation for excellence in education.  The city is home to some of the brightest minds in Australia. Some of Australia’s highest-ranked universities are also located in Canberra. Students can pick from a wide range of world-class courses at Canberra’s universities, such as bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees, or other studies. There’s always something for everyone.

However, the city is very much about work and play. It has a lot to offer when it comes to vibrant culture, entertainment, and cuisine. Canberra packs in a host of year-round festivals, and world-class arts, culture, entertainment and sporting fixtures. For students arriving from a country like India, which already enjoys a rich cultural diversity, Canberra may feel just like home. The diverse multicultural community in Canberra makes it both culturally rich and welcoming. Students and visitors alike can expect a pleasant, safe, and enriching stay.

Post-study work opportunities and attractive salaries are just some of the perks Canberra has on offer

Students may find it exciting to learn that the average income in Canberra is consistently the highest in Australia.  International students in Canberra can avail themselves of an extra year of post-study work rights when compared to other capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This, coupled with Canberra’s strong job opportunities in both public and private organisations, makes the city an attractive pick for those looking to embark on a career path. Graduates can expect strong career opportunities in industries such as technology and innovation, healthcare, education, professional services and construction. Internships and work experience opportunities are built into many of the university courses here, aimed at giving students real insight into their industries of choice.

Canberra’s affordability makes it accessible for students

Canberra’s cost of living is lower compared to most bigger Australian cities, which means students can expect a higher standard of living at lower living costs. Transport costs are also lower due to an excellent public transport system, with concessional fares on offer for international students.  It’s a bicycle-friendly city, giving students a flexible and economical way of getting around. Free Wi-Fi is available in the city centre or galleries, libraries, and cafes.

Scholarships make studying in Australia more accessible

Universities in Canberra have various scholarship opportunities for international students on offer. These include scholarships from the Australian Government, education providers, and other organisations. Each scholarship program has different criteria and conditions, and students can apply for the ones that suit them best in terms of their academic performance.

Canberra has a lot to offer students looking at making Australia their study destination. Aspiring students are actively encouraged to consider Canberra as a possible option and conduct research to ensure that they choose the lifestyle, location and experience that suits them best.

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