Tanuj Shah (CEO) and Anuj Shah (COO), Co-Founders of ipassio

The evolution of technology online in recent years has completely changed the way of life, on a global level. From shopping, socializing to even education, individuals are now migrating to spending a majority of their time online. Keeping up with such a competitive surrounding has led to newer means of recreation online. However, there have been a lot of barriers in finding the right way to pursue one’s passion or hobby. These barriers include – getting access to experienced and acclaimed teachers, geographical boundaries, lack of personalized attention, and lack of interactive lessons.

Primarily, people face difficulties in matching with an instructor who could impart them the right skills. Getting a proficient teacher, in person, majorly depends on proximity and word of mouth. Ultimately, acquiring an experienced and acclaimed teacher is a stumbling block.

One example would be the gap that NRIs face when they can’t find the right mentor abroad to keep their cultural roots alive. These NRI families, who wish for their kids to weave in their Indian traditions – face difficulties. Apart from the constant culture clash, they don’t find the right faculty, whom they can entrust their children to. Especially for genres like art, traditional dance, classical or folk music, their mother tongue, and so on. Staying abroad, it’s hard to find the best Indian tutor for a traditional hobby that their kid could excel at.

Another example, the Indian culture and the art forms it caters, hold great value on a global scale. Many foreigners visit India for a period as long as 2-3 months to spend time with their Indian tutors or gurus. They aim to imbibe India’s cultural patrimony through classical music or dance. Learning the traditional art forms has been an inevitable part of education in ancient Indian culture. Some of the instruments that are popular in this regard are the Sitar, Tabla, Veena, etc. But these learning experiences come with logistical obstacles – like finding a skilled and acclaimed teacher, bearing the cost of travelling and living in another country.

Additionally, most of these kinds of people, who are initial learners – opt for pre-recorded sessions that are available online. But those don’t provide the best solutions and involve no kind of personalized tutoring. Upon realizing that this method is ineffective, their aim then shifts to finding the right mentor to get trained, through live learning.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has entirely changed the course of hobby learning. The pandemic has confined people within the four walls of their homes – restricting their scope for recreation. Thus, most have found it difficult to keep up their productivity while working from home. While witnessing these harsh times, it is important to have a hobby that functions as an outlet for all the negative aspects.

Here is where a convenient and valuable platform is necessary. A medium that can enable an exclusive learning experience to a much wider community. The ideal requirement includes providing the right platform to acclaimed teachers. The main aim of these mentors being, sharing their resources, imparting the right kind of knowledge and guidance to learners.

Amidst the talk of various platforms providing efficient, enabling, and empowering means for e-learning, ipassio has perceptibly paved its way to being one of the best hobby e-learning platforms. It aims to empower its users with an OnliVe (Online + Live) learning experience. It has bridged the gaps by (a) building technologically advanced platform which focuses on removing distance as a barrier, (b) onboarding of students worldwide who now have access to skilled and acclaimed teachers; and (c) allowing an interactive and personalized approach between acclaimed mentors and zealous learners who are trying to achieve their best. E-learning is the future of pursuing one’s hobbies and interests globally. The e-learning platforms provide access to global instructors and exposure to countless invaluable resources to facilitate hobby learning. One can now pursue the extra-curricular activities they have always wanted themselves or their children to pick up. Apart from just hobby learning, good e-learning platforms also give people a chance to connect to their traditional roots. Amidst all these, one thing that should remain the main priority when it comes to e-learning is, bridging the gap between highly skilled trainers and the people who are passionate enough to take up their hobbies and pursue them to their full potential. This is where ipassio has come into the picture by opening boundaries for people all over the world and bridging the gap by providing the best to students via live lessons.

Also, in general, all these e-learning platforms help in building greater communities. These community-building technologies are gradually changing the way the education system has started operating. Receiving that exclusive attention while passionately learning, at the comfort of one’s home, is what everyone desires for, and ipassio has undoubtedly succeeded in providing that.

In a nutshell, picking up hobbies again has become very desirable for people worldwide. And, it has become necessary for the e-learning industry to ensure that the courses taught on their platforms are taught by highly acclaimed instructors. Not only to students, these e-learning portals provide a platform for people of all age groups who can easily fulfill their dreams and passions. Irrespective of the distance and time, the gap between the students and the mentors have been bridged. ipassio has proven to be the best global platform that has helped individuals achieve their passions by learning from the best.

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