Dr. S.R. Sridharamurthy, President, NSB Academy

Dr. S.R. Sridharamurthy is the Founder & President of NSB Academy. He brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial, administrative, consulting, teaching, and research experience with key specializations in international business, cross-cultural management, and corporate strategy to the table. Before his current role, he held leadership positions at various prestigious academic institutions such as Ohio-Manipal School of Business, Acharya Group of Institutions, and Bhavan-SIET Institute of Management. He has also served as a consultant for the American Soy Association – International Marketing and ESC-Pau, France, and as Director at Educare Consultancy Services Private Limited and Jaika Ventures Hospitality Private Limited.

Due to his relentless determination, dedication, and discipline, Dr. Sridharamurthy has been bestowed with distinguished awards and recognition. He was a University Gold Medalist, winner of several best management faculty awards across B-schools, and the recipient of the Shiksha Bharati Puraskar by All India Achievers’ Foundation. Today, his success is a source of inspiration for those who aspire to positively impact higher education.

Humble Beginnings

Dr. Sridharamurthy was born and raised in a remote village in India that had almost no connection with the outside world. Most of his childhood was spent in a small agricultural field owned by his father, where he assisted with farming. However, he was an academically bright student who attended a local single-classroom, single-teacher government school. Even at a young age, he realized that education was the key to success and that nothing was impossible. Remaining true to his beliefs, Dr. Sridharamurthy excelled in his studies year after year. His distinction in class 10th led him to secure a National Merit Scholarship, which continued until his graduation, followed by an ICAR fellowship during his post-graduation. He completed his master’s degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

Throughout his academic years, Dr. Sridharamurthy worked hard, actively participated in extracurricular activities, and won numerous prizes and awards in debate and elocution competitions. These experiences gave him an open mind, a strong foundation in research methodology, and a platform for developing an influential personality. Reflecting on his college days, Dr. Sridharamurthy shares, “The opportunity to excel as a public speaker helped me immensely in shaping my teaching skills, and the leadership opportunities I had as a student aided me in becoming who I am today.”

Answering the Career Call

“I believe that every individual is born with a specific purpose, a talent or gift that is unique, and each of us searches for that purpose in life,” asserts Dr. Sridharamurthy.

In this modest yet supportive environment, Dr. Sridharamurthy developed a strong desire and aspiration for the field of education. While his peers played games, he would role-play as a teacher. His mother still recalls how he would transform their house into a classroom and deliver endless lectures to his sisters and parents. As a young child, he would collect caterpillars from the garden and observe the miraculous transformation from black, creepy worms to vibrant, magnificent butterflies. These childhood instincts gradually shaped his academic interests, and when the time came, he answered the calling of his career and became a teacher.

Remarkable Professional Background

During his first teaching job at the State Department in India, Dr. Sridharamurthy found the process of knowledge transfer to be highly gratifying. He firmly believes that a good teacher, akin to a good parent, plays an incredibly significant role in shaping students. As a result, his greatest reward as a teacher lies in instilling values such as out-of-the-box thinking, curiosity, and lifelong learning in his students.

While working, Dr. Sridharamurthy’s interest shifted from biology to business. He made a significant discovery during that time – he was living in a country that was a dream for every entrepreneur. He also realized that in the business world, technological advancements, changing fashion trends, and evolving tastes create challenges and excitement in the marketplace. These observations not only intensified his interest in business but also motivated him to pursue a postgraduate program in business administration. “My MBA at the University of North Carolina, USA provided me with a much-needed global outlook, a comprehensive understanding of businesses, a receptive mindset, and served as a platform for developing my personality as a future academician,” reveals Dr. Sridharamurthy.

To excel in the academic realm of business education, Dr. Sridharamurthy embarked on doctoral studies at VIT University and successfully completed his Ph.D. with distinction. His international exposure and experience opened doors to multiple teaching opportunities in management programs at leading universities worldwide.

NSB Academy’s Mission & Vision

In 2008, Dr. Sridharamurthy founded NSB Academy (formerly known as the National School of Business) with a simple vision – to enhance management education and establish itself as one of the top MBA colleges in Bangalore. Right from its inception, NSB’s mission has been to nurture impactful, collaborative, articulate, and socially conscious graduates through innovative teaching, research, and outreach initiatives. The institute’s commitment to delivering quality education has earned it a favorable reputation within the Indian management education community, solidifying its position as one of India’s most sought-after management colleges.

Taking education a step further, NSB Academy offers numerous international learning opportunities to equip students for future careers. Impressively, NSB has set a new benchmark among business schools in India by sending approximately 75% of its students abroad for various programs, including immersion programs, exchange programs, and international MBA programs, among others. Furthermore, NSB’s graduates can be found working in over 36 countries across the globe, exemplifying the global reach and impact of the institution.

Fostering Culturally Diverse Learning Environments

NSB Academy is truly a melting pot of diverse cultures, as it attracts students from every state and union territory of India. The institution is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where diverse cultures can flourish on its campus. NSB has implemented various initiatives to promote diversity and inclusivity to achieve this.

One of these efforts is promoting gender diversity by ensuring a balanced representation of males and females in each class. By striving for gender equality, NSB fosters an environment that values and respects the perspectives and contributions of both men and women.

NSB also promotes regional diversity by welcoming students from all states and union territories of India. This inclusive approach allows students from different regions to interact, share their unique cultural backgrounds, and develop a broader understanding of the country’s diverse heritage.

Additionally, NSB embraces academic diversity by admitting students from various academic backgrounds. By bringing together students with diverse educational experiences, the institution encourages a cross-pollination of ideas and a broader mindset among its student body.

These conscious efforts by NSB Academy to embrace and celebrate diversity contribute to the overall development and growth of its students, preparing them to thrive in an interconnected and diverse global society.

Turning Challenges into Growth Opportunities

Dr. Sridharamurthy highlights four significant challenges that many business schools worldwide face. The first challenge involves attracting a high-quality and diverse student population. As a national player, NSB Academy admits students from all states and union territories of India, creating a cultural melting pot within its classrooms. Dr. Sridharamurthy emphasizes the importance of seeing India’s diversity reflected in the student body, stating, “When I walk into a classroom, I would like to see India and not just any state(s).”

The second challenge revolves around maintaining gender balance in higher education. NSB Academy takes pride in creating more opportunities for female students, striving to foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment.

The third challenge lies in hiring and retaining talented faculty members. Fortunately, NSB Academy has successfully recruited and retained well-qualified academicians from across India who possess excellent teaching and research capabilities.

The fourth major challenge involves technology adoption in the classroom and keeping up with evolving pedagogical methods. NSB Academy has consistently remained at the forefront of providing cutting-edge classroom technology, enabling the institution to train its students for the demands of modern business management education.

By addressing these challenges head-on, NSB Academy aims to continuously improve and provide an enriching educational experience for its students while also contributing to the overall development of the business education landscape.

Keeping the Team Motivated

NSB Academy has a unique philosophy of providing complimentary breakfast, meals, and beverages to all faculty, staff, and visitors on campus. Dr. Sridharamurthy has observed that faculty members who eat together often engage in discussions about their classroom experiences and share new knowledge with each other during meals. This practice not only caters to their basic needs but also fulfills their emotional need for connection and collaboration.

Furthermore, NSB Academy places significant emphasis on the professional development of its faculty members. The institution actively encourages them to attend international and national seminars, conferences, Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), and various exchange programs. These opportunities enable faculty members to stay updated on the latest developments in their fields and expand their professional networks.

In addition to supporting professional development, NSB Academy offers incentives to faculty members for publishing their work in journals of high impact and quality. The academy recognizes the value of research and rewards faculty members accordingly. Moreover, faculty members are allowed to retain a significant portion of their earnings from consultancy or projects, providing them with additional motivation and financial benefits.

Major Initiatives Taken to Strengthen NSB’s Reputation

As the Founder and President of NSB Academy, Dr. Sridharamurthy has personally developed and internalized the institution’s curriculum, which focuses on action-led learning. Under his leadership, NSB Academy has forged partnerships and signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with ten leading business schools worldwide. These collaborations aim to create international learning opportunities for NSB students, providing them with a global perspective on the business environment. As part of this effort, Dr. Sridharamurthy is leading a group of over 140 students on a trip to the UAE to immerse them in the understanding of the global business landscape.

Furthermore, Dr. Sridharamurthy has played a pivotal role in the construction of world-class infrastructure at NSB Academy. The institution’s learning spaces have been designed to facilitate various teaching methodologies, including simulations, case studies, role plays, classroom debates, and more. Driven by his belief in student-led learning, he has emphasized the importance of engaging students in the learning process and providing opportunities for them to take an active role in their education.

A Day in the Life of Dr. Sridharamurthy, a Leader

Dr. Sridharamurthy approaches each day as an opportunity for learning and growth. As soon as he wakes up, he visualizes the tasks and goals that lie ahead. He applies his focused mind to prioritize and delegate work, ensuring that all essential responsibilities are addressed. Motivating students through engaging classes is always a priority for him. Throughout the day, he makes it a point to connect with all stakeholders of NSB Academy, including students, employees, and corporate partners who recruit students. This constant engagement allows him to stay connected with the pulse of the institution and address any challenges or concerns that arise.

Significant Milestones:

For Dr. Sridharamurthy, the most significant milestone is seeing NSB Academy become one of the largest MBA colleges in Bangalore, with the maximum allowed intake of students. This achievement is coupled with the pride of ensuring a diverse student body representing every state in India. Another notable milestone is NSB Academy providing international exposure to over 75% of its students, facilitating educational experiences abroad for more than 400 students in a single calendar year. Additionally, Dr. Sridharamurthy considers the construction of a state-of-the-art learning facility at NSB Academy as a significant accomplishment, creating a conducive environment for innovative and effective teaching and learning.

Roadmap to the Future:

Looking ahead, Dr. Sridharamurthy envisions recruiting elite faculty members at NSB Academy who can provide life-changing learning experiences for the students. He recognizes the importance of exceptional educators in shaping the academic journey of students. Furthermore, he aims to achieve international accreditations for NSB Academy, which would establish the institution as a global player in the field of business education. By setting these goals and pursuing them with dedication, Dr. Sridharamurthy envisions a bright future for NSB Academy and its students.

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