Dr K. Maddulety, Deputy Director - Doctor of Business Administration, SP Jain School of Global Management

Dr. Koilakuntla Maddulety is the Deputy Director – Doctor of Business Administration, at S P Jain School of Global Management. Dr. Maddulety has 27+ years of experience which includes academic and industry experience. Dr. Maddulety has conducted around 50% in-house programmes in the Middle and Senior Executive levels in various organizations including Ranbaxy, Goa Port Trust, L&T Mumbai, Ordinance Factory, IFFCO, etc. He is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt & Lead Auditor (ISO 9000) and specializes in Basic and New Quality Tools, TQM, TRIZ, Six-Sigma, Lean Six-Sigma, Kaizen, among others. He has conducted training programs in 200+ areas including Business Analytics, Taguchi Robust Engineering for Process Design Optimization, Design of Experiments and ANOVA for Process Optimization, Six Sigma for Business Excellence, Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM), and others. He holds a PhD. in Quality Management System, and an MPhil in Personnel & Industrial Relations from Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India.


The final goal of education for many is to study and earn the title of “Doctor “. Two options are there i.e. either to go for Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). In the current competitive era, earning a Doctorate in Management and that too Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is one of the best and better career options over Ph.D.  in Management.

A Ph.D. degree is theoretical research and is the more preferred option for academicians as it is one of the eligibility criteria for teaching professionals in many universities and tertiary colleges. But for Business or Management professionals who are interested in enhancing their existing knowledge explore important industrial problems and create solutions to real-world business issues. We can say that DBA is a professional doctorate whereas Ph.D. is an academic one even though both the degrees are advanced research degrees.

DBA is the best choice as it is equivalent to a Ph.D. i.e. highest level degree imparting the skills and knowledge is not just to be proficient in your job and industry but in the ability to create and contribute new knowledge to the global business world along with making a career in universities. The DBA program is designed for experienced working professionals who are willing to get the highest level of management degree which is industry-oriented and can address specific issues / complicated situations/ dilemmas/ challenges through their doctoral studies. Upon successful completion of the program, the student produces a high-quality thesis, bringing insight into a specific area with a specific proposal of the solution.

The main reasons for DBA being a good choice for Business Professionals in Business Management are;

  • The programs are designed for Middle and Senior executives to perform better for taking strategic and operation decisions effectively so a DBA Doctorate can accelerate career growth rapidly especially for senior executive management roles as DBAs can perform better at senior levels because of their tested capacities in taking decisions with scientific evidence, research-based and data-driven.
  • DBA allows professionals to effectively balance their personal and professional commitments. DBA workshops expand their business network globally which gives them incredible opportunities.
  • The online DBA workshops are an incredible opportunity to liaise with senior managers and decision-makers to expand their business network globally.

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)  is an applied research doctorate or professional practice doctorate with a degree which focuses on management, interdisciplinary Management, and techno-managerial topics such as application of Blockchain for supply chain, Application of AI for business prediction and optimization, or designing a smart city, etc., DBA advances skills of professional in research analysis, theory, and practice in organizations i.e. a degree for practical paybacks with answers to specific problems.

While talking to some of the professionals with DBA Degree, the following was their response:

  • “I received a decent hike in my compensation, and I have been told that promotion is also on the cards for next year. Also, good work-life balance and respect in the organization.” – Balasubramaniam Krishnan
  • “DBA program is considered to be the highest degree in business management. With this program, you are affirming your expertise in a specific area. The world needs experts and specialists, in the future. I plan to leverage my expertise and make a significant contribution to management research going forward. This course will help me to be one of the leading organization design experts in India” – Dr. Rajiv Pravinkumar Oza
  • “I am currently Country Head & Managing Partner – Integrated Media at DDB Mudra Group. I got promoted in Jan of 2021 during my research process of the Doctoral Program and post the award of the degree I am expecting an increment of nothing less than 30% (something that has been already communicated to me) which is significantly higher to industry peers and that is largely attributed to my strategic skills which I garnered during my study, something that reflects even in my theses which is a case study methodology. Finally, I also believe that I will have opportunities opening once I am awarded the doctorate” – Dr. Rammohan Sundaram
  • “After completing DBA, the organization has given me additional responsibility to handle EPC project” – Ajay Arun Damle
  • “Besides being able to add the appropriate designation to my name there were many solid academic, career-related, and personal, and interpersonal skillsets that were acquired during my DBA journey. It has assisted me in my aptitude for research, critical thinking, time management, and building a sense of accomplishment. It has also allowed me to endeavor economic benefit through promotion and increment.” – Dr. Manoj Kapur
  • “Recognition of my capability, more scope for board positions” – Julie Louise Cowley
  • “DBA helped me to differentiate myself in the consulting industry apart from opening new opportunities in academia. It gave me the tools and methods for rigorous research and inquiry that is critical in the Knowledge industry.” – Dr. Sridhar Vishwanath
  • “DBA program helped me to get in-depth knowledge of various management and branding aspects related to my product mix domain, it created research instinct in me and inspired me to do an in-depth study of my chosen domain. This program has added a lot of weightage to my professional profile and given me the role of an additional responsibility during the path. Now all are expecting a lot from me in the work field and now they have extra confidence in my professional abilities and everybody in my work domain is sure that I will give some handy solutions which will create that techno-commercial edge over the competition forces. All these things have been possible due to this expert &ultimate qualification that is DBA” – Milind Vinayak Gokhale
  • I started my DBA journey in March 2018. Promoted as a Senior Manager in the shipping and logistics company in Mumbai in April 2018. In September 2018, Professor taught the DBA class many theories and techniques for the course work. One particular concept, “TOWS Matrix”, changed my thought process and was a turning point in my life. I used this concept on myself and developed a 5-year plan that includes personal, professional goals + designed a Personal Balanced Scorecard. Double Promotion as Deputy General Manager (BPM, India-Sri Lanka-Maldives + Projects Head, India + eCommerce, MEI Region countries) at a French Shipping line in July 2019. Promoted General Manager (Integration Office – Scope Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, East and the Far East) at Dubai’s largest shipping and Logistics Company in January 2021. I got 5 promotions in 3.5 years,” – Sai Hrushikesh Reddy Yadam.

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