Govind Bhadu, Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker, Founder, UtthanEver Foundation

Govind Bhadu, Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker, Founder, Utthan Ever Foundation. Govind Bhadu is a successful businessman by profession but the mission of his life is to inspire, guide, and enable youth to achieve success in life. Think Big, Dream Big, and become the creator of destiny, he has been actively spreading this message and running ‘Shape Your Dream’ program across the country to help the ‘Youth Power’ of the nation realize their inner potential and reach the ultimate goal.


The prevailing wisdom and much research show that having a positive attitude increases your chances of success, accelerates your progress, and makes you more resilient – all of which help you overcome obstacles and stay focused.

  1. ‘WHY’ is an important factor to identify

If we set goals for the sake of setting goals, failure is sure to happen. This is the reason that all New Year’s Resolutions fail. Therefore, for achieving the set remote goals, a clear purpose needs to be attached to our goals. Our focus should be on why we are creating these goals and why they will benefit us. The ‘WHY’ in our goals will help us get through the struggle of achieving them.

  1. Use A SMART System

You have probably heard of SMART goals if you have googled ‘goal-setting’. Let me refresh your memory. The SMART acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timebound goals. This system will increase your chances of completing your goals if you create them within it.

  1. Write the Goals in mind as well as on paper

According to every credible source I have found, setting goals and writing them down are vital for success. A statement that you will do something has less psychological impact on us than writing down your goals. Our chances of achieving our goals increase significantly when we write them down.

  1. Community Sharing

Different people will have different interpretations of this. The best people to keep you accountable are your spouse, your best friend, and your mentor. Online sharing is also an option. Creating a community around the goal, keeps us accountable, cheers us on, and provides support when we struggle to achieve our goals.

  1. Break them Down in Chunks

Breaking down goals into manageable chunks is essential. Divide your annual goals into weekly and monthly chunks. Pick a day during the week to complete one or two of those little goals. As each day passes, you’ll move closer to your annual goals.

  1. Review Your Goals Regularly

The importance of this has also been tremendous. I review my goals every week. At the end of each month, I reset monthly goals. We keep our eyes on what we are trying to accomplish when we review them regularly. And if we have a bad week or a bad month, we can adjust accordingly. It is like checking the map when driving.

  1. Have Faith in yourself

The final one might seem simple, and you might assume it should come first. You can commit to believing in yourself after you have planned all your goals, therefore, the best time would be after you have committed to them. Having completed the planning process, you know now that you can achieve your goals.

These behavioral techniques will enable you to achieve your set goals. You just need to have a little planning, preparation, and understanding of purpose. So, If you are setting your goals, make sure to keep this thought in mind. ‘Our goals can only be reached by implementing a plan in which we must fervently believe and act on. Otherwise, success will elude us.”

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