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With Staff Selection Commission (SSC) putting its key recruitment examinations on hold as a preventive measure to check the spread of novel coronavirus, aspirants of the Junior Engineer examination, which was scheduled from March 30, 2020, can heave a sigh of relief. Although the dates haven’t been confirmed, there is more time in hand now to analyze the preparation levels. To crack the first of the three stages in one go, it is necessary for a candidate to be well versed in all three sections of Paper 1; Reasoning Ability, General Awareness, and Engineering Discipline (Mechanical or Electrical or Civil). In order to be well versed in all these topics, here are some subject-wise smart last-minute tips and tricks to ace the exam:

General Intelligence and Reasoning: Since, this section includes 50 questions carrying 50 marks, both in verbal and non-verbal format, focus on scoring well in this part to start with.

  1. Although the questions in this section are relatively easy, they need the candidate to think logically and rationally. Hence, need a lot of practice.
  2. For situation-based questions, analyse the question carefully by splitting the statements. This will make it easier to answer.
  3. Try to avoid using or assuming any other information for a particular question apart from the given information.
  4. Thoroughly go through all the factual information and instructions of the questions before attempting to answer.
  5. The choice of answers might tempt you. Make sure you go through all the response choices carefully before zeroing in on one.
  6. Some of you might already be doing it but each one of you must continue practising previous year papers to get an idea about the type of questions and overcome their difficulty level eventually, only to build your confidence.

General Awareness: Yet another section that carries 50 questions for 50 marks, this one needs the candidate to be mindful of the latest events and happenings in India as well as the neighbouring countries.

  1. Since newspaper publications have stopped their operation, go through their online websites to get a hold of all the latest affairs.
  2. For the science-related section, read through the prescribed books or school level books.
  3. Attempt and solve the SSC General Awareness Quiz section from the previous year’s papers know the pattern of questions and analyze your preparation levels.
  4. Candidates should also hone their static general knowledge on Indian history, polity, geography and economy to be prepared for the direct factual questions asked in this exam.

General Engineering: Finally, the most crucial section of the exam! The engineering discipline carries the highest weightage in the paper 1 exam with 100 questions worth 100 marks. Clearly demands the maximum attention and focus from the aspirants.

  1. Candidates should have their concepts, principles and applications of the topic on their tips to eye a good score.
  2. Thoroughly revise all the topics that you have been prepared so far. Once the revision is done, you can take the chances of starting a new topic if need be now that you have some extra days in hand.
  3. Since, most of the questions in this section consume more time for answering, go through all the formulas and practice some shortcuts and tricks. This will help you to save time during the exam.
  4. Attempt multiple test series and previous year papers to estimate the difficulty level and build your confidence before you appear in the exam.

Don’t stress! You have some bonus time this year for the exam so make use of it smartly by brushing up all the important topics and catching up on the missed ones.  Good Luck!

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