Professor (Dr) Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Sanskriti University

Dr Rana Singh is currently working as Vice-Chancellor of Sanskriti University, Mathura. Dr Singh ( is an MBA (Gold Medalist) with specialization in Finance and a PhD in Management. Dr Singh is a techno-business professional having two decades of experience in the domain of academics, research, training, quality assurance, and consulting. He has been pioneering excellence in the areas of strategic planning, implementation, and control to enhance the overall effectiveness of higher educational institutions to improve the quality of teaching, learning & assessment. Dr Singh has been working in the domain of Strategic Planning, Implementation, and Control for higher educational institutions.


The Marketing Management Students learn about the various aspects and facets of Marketing Management, including but not limited to Sales Management, Advertising Management, Consumer Behavior, Supply Chain Management, and Online Marketing. Online Marketing is becoming more and more important with the increasing pace of internet penetration in India and abroad.

The five steps for the Marketing Management Students are mentioned below to boost their career in Online Marketing.

1. Learning

Learning Online Marketing is the first step towards becoming a successful professional in the domain of online marketing. It is important to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies in the area of online marketing to boost his/her career in this area. There are multiple options to enhance the knowledge and skills of Online Marketing. There is a plethora of books, eBooks, and web content, teaching material, YouTube Videos, e-learning materials, MOOCs courses available which can be leveraged to enhance the knowledge, skills, and competencies to boost their career in Online Marketing.

2. Practising

The next step after acquiring basic learning is to practice the various learning of online marketing. The main objective of practising the various learning is to ensure that we are able to keep doing the required things in a repetitive manner in such a way that the learning about Online Marketing gets reinforced in our mind, and it becomes a habit. One of the famous English Quote mentions “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. This means that consistent practice of the knowledge, skills, and competencies of Online Marketing in the real world will make an individual perfect. The student should continue to practice doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Updating Metatags, improving the quality and content of the website, creating paid social media advertisements, doing email marketing, managing and promoting e-commerce platforms, writing creative and business-focused blogs, promoting sales of products and services using social media marketing, enhancing the website to maximize the traffic, maximizing user engagement opportunities, adding call to action buttons on the website, customizing targeted advertisements, maximizing lead management, etc.

3. Perfecting

The students are required to focus on perfecting their skills by doing the work repeatedly with the highest focus on excellence and accuracy with an outcome-based approach. They can consistently measure the outcomes of their performance by looking at the quantifiable metrics like Google Analytics, and Alexa traffic Rankings apart from the page-wise rankings. The students can focus on perfecting their skills under the guidance of skilled, competent, and professionally qualified professionals. Perfecting is the process of repeated actions with a focus on surpassing the quality benchmarks in each subsequent action.

4. Implementing

Once the students have perfected their knowledge, skills, and competencies, they can start implementing their knowledge, skills, and competencies during any internship program with any leading digital marketing company or any related start-up.

5. Earning

The students can start earning by joining any leading digital marketing or advertising company. Alternatively, they can consider starting an entrepreneurial venture of their own. To start with, they can make a small presentation of their capabilities and get some small part-time jobs with nearby small and medium enterprises. They can also consider starting an online marketing consultancy company to offer online marketing consultancy services to various organizations.

The students have a lot of opportunities to join various online learning platforms like Swayam, NPTEL, etc. The leading platforms to learn Online Marketing Free with/without Certification are Google Digital Marketing Courses, SEMRUSH Academy, Hubspot online marketing Courses, Copy blogger online marketing course, Optimonster Digital Marketing Training, etc. The leading platforms to learn Online Marketing after making payment are Reliable soft Academy, Click minded Digital Marketing Course, Udemy Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Certified Associate Certification Training, Udacity Digital Marketing Course etc.

The five steps mentioned in this article are likely to give a quantum boost to the marketing management students in the area of digital marketing. The students of Marketing Management are required to pursue their career interest in the area of online marketing with a high level of passion, keen interest in developing knowledge, skills, and competencies by leveraging the integrated approach of experiential learning and outcome-based approach.

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