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Roman Vyas, VP of Marketing and co-founder at Coding Invaders by MentorsPro. He is an expert in fintech, startup, IT companies marketing and Digital transformation strategies.100 successful growth cases globally in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Germany, Russian Federation, Nigeria, South Korea. Roman Worked in Tinkoff Bank (World’s Largest online bank) as co-branded cards product manager. Launched products with eBay and Google. Co-owner of Qlean — World’s 3-rd on-demand cleaning company. CEO & Founder of Qmarketing Global Marketing Agency for technological companies with clients from San-Francisco, London, Nigeria, Western and Eastern Europe. Roman is also CEO @ Refocus, the Edtech company in Philippines.


The demand for technology jobs is growing at an exponential rate. Quess, the staffing business solution major, reported that India saw a 22% growth in tech jobs. Employers are also taking a skill-based approach when looking for new hires. So while the organisations seek a workforce that is more creative, skilled and agile does the prospective candidate have what it takes?

The answer unfortunately is, no! According to big headhunters such as Teamlease, Randstad and ABC consultants India had a shortage of over 2 lakh of skilled employees in the field of technology.

To stay ahead in the game and be a part of the great Indian IT talent pool one must up-skill themselves. While there are a number of skills we’ve carefully shortlisted, 5 must-have skills for freshers.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly disrupting the way we work. It ranked number 1 on Linkedin’s emerging jobs list in 2020. AI is a wide concept wherein a computer mimics the cognitive functions of a human being. While AI became a part of the tech world only recently, it has shown staggering growth. With more and more companies using AI tools to achieve efficiency in the way they work.

As per a study conducted by AIMResearch Indian AI market is valued at $6.4 Bn as of July – August 2020.

  1. Data Science & Analysis

With Big Data came along two buzzwords – Data Science & Data Analytics. A study shows that consistently every other organisation has invested in Big Data and is on the lookout for professionals in the field of Data Science & Analytics. It also revealed that in 2021 Indian firms had a budget of $ 2 billion only for analytics and an average budget of $27 million. Here’s an Industry-wise breakdown of analytics budgets.

The above findings are a testament to the organisation’s seriousness towards investing in this field. These projections are only expected to grow over the years making it one of the most required skills in the field of information technology. A study by AIM & AnalytixLabs reveals that the Indian analytics industry is expected to grow at 16% till 2025 & will touch the $75 bn mark. One must strengthen the skills to be able to make the most of the growth.

Start your journey in the world of data science & analytics head to Coding Invaders and take up a course.

  1. Data Visualisation

Big data paved the way for many advancements in the way we collect, project & understand data. While Data Science & Analysis hold the larger section of the pie, Data Visualisation isn’t far behind. It starts once the Data Analysis ends, and helps visually signify the data. Data Visualisation is the transformative step crucial for concluding the analysed data.

As the number of Big Data jobs grows, so will the need for Data Visualisation. In fact, this skill isn’t just bound to the field of technology, data visualisation can be used to showcase relevant marketing and sales trends making it a very versatile skill to have in the current world.

  1. Machine Learning

Another extremely critical skill is Machine learning. It is often confused with Artificial Intelligence however it is different. Think of it as a subset of Artificial Intelligence, where the programme learns on its basis the provided data and improvises without any human intervention.

A simple example of this is Siri. But Machine Learning has seen new highs as it has proven to help scientists in the fight against COVID 19. Machine learning is a growing field, not just tech giants but even medium scale organisations invest in machine learning tools to grow.

According to a study, the global valuation of the Machine Learning market is expected to reach Rs 543 billion by the year 2023. In addition to that, according to Nasscom, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply depicted in the graph below. Which makes it the perfect time to learn Machine Learning and stay on top of what the employers need.

  1. Blockchain

It started as a way to structure and distribute data and later evolved into a technology masterpiece. It is like a digital ledger that records every transaction done in a particular block by all the participants. Two of the most popular examples of a public Blockchain are Bitcoins and Ethereum. Digital Currency has been a black hole until Blockchain revolutionised it, now technology experts are constantly working on finding new ways to use Blockchain like peer to peer payments, crowdfunding etc.

Speaking of valuation, according to Gartner’s new business value forecast Blockchain is predicted to grow by $176 billion by 2025. No doubt it was even the number 1 on Linkedin India’s top emerging jobs 2020 report. If you ask us when it comes to Blockchain the world has only scratched the surface, there’s a lot of potential in this field.

What should you do next?

Best way to learn these skills is by taking up a course or learning it on your own. There are plenty of reputed courses out there that will give you an experience which is very close to a real work situation giving you an edge over others.

This is only the beginning, there’s a lot to be innovated along the way. So if you are just starting out, you must add these skills to get a cutting edge over other prospective employees.

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