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Engineering education in India faces significant challenges as it requires meeting the demands of the technical profession and emerging job market. Like every segment of society, engineering education has undergone profound change during the Covid-19 pandemic. Shuttered campuses have turned to virtual learning, with engineering faculty forced to adopt new technology for teaching and to figure out how to turn what is often a hands-on education into a remote practice. Institution-wide, students are dealing with the loss of on-campus jobs and housing and an increased need for financial aid. Universities are taking budget hits from refunding student payments for housing and dining and expecting drops in future enrolment.

The shift from offline to the online mode of teaching is a behavior change and both learners and educators will take time to adapt to this “new normal”. While going online is a brilliant way to provide access to quality education any time and anywhere, and equip our educators with the resources they need, a few components of teaching-learning — laboratory training and social aspects of university life — will have to be kept offline for the holistic development of students.  Faculty members are learning innovative approaches to teaching that will promote effective professional development for their students.

With that in mind, we at the Higher Education Digest present to you the “25 Most Innovative Engineering Colleges in India”. Featuring these colleges, we aim to present their efforts in helping students step into the industry of their choice with ease and develop an educational ecosystem, by bringing efficiency in the current education system, to support our growing economy, and be recognized and commended by all.

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