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The pharmaceutical industry in India is valued at US$40 billion, being the world’s 3rd largest producer of medicine. According to the Department of Pharmaceuticals, India, their aim is to enable Indian Pharmaceuticals to play a leading role in the global market and ensure abundant availability of quality medicines at reasonable prices. With that in mind, the Make in India initiative has made it possible to produce medicines that are shipped to other countries, and investment in research and development has led to an increase in more effective medicines and drug treatments across the globe. Some of the hubs for pharmaceuticals include Ahmedabad, Sikkim, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai.

As the industry flourishes in India, many educators have realised the need for pharmaceutical education, thus establishing various colleges and universities across the country to cater to the increasing need for quality education. With the evolution of western medicine, pharmaceutical colleges continue to work to stay relevant with in-depth research and innovations. Today, India exports over USD 20 billion worth of pharmaceuticals to all around the world.

More recently, with COVID-19 changing our lives in unforeseen ways, health and wellness have become a prominent topic on everyone’s mind. To stay healthy many are resorted to taking medication to stay fit and maintain normal hormonal levels. That’s where pharmaceutical companies play an increasingly important role in healthcare today. Big Pharmas have been tirelessly working to create more efficient medicines that cut costs and better reach with immense research and experimentation. 

In this issue, we profiled 10 Must-Watch Pharmacy Colleges in India, with their innovative practices and opening doors to the future of medicine. With a forward-thinking approach and to inspire young people to explore the field of pharmaceuticals, we present “10 Must-Watch Pharmacy Colleges in India.”

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