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To say education is important is an understatement. It is no secret that a good education has the power to change a life. What is new is the demand for that change.

Karnataka has been a pioneer in establishing science and technology institutions for higher education for quite some time. Housing the University of Mysore, one of the oldest universities in India, and having one of the highest numbers of colleges, has triggered such a transformation that Karnataka is reckoned to be the hub of higher education. Medical & Paramedical, Engineering, Management, Hotel Management, and Teacher Education colleges have attracted students from all over India. Today, with the total number of 47,427 foreign students enrolled for higher education in our country, Karnataka has the highest number of students at 10,023, making it one of the most preferred locations for students to pursue higher education.

According to recent statistics, Karnataka has a literacy rate of 75.6 percent, which is in sync with the recent establishment of more than 20 universities and a large number of undergraduate schools. The southindian state possesses a well-structured educational foundation with an aim to facilitate learning for all. With the help of the Government, Karnataka has taken a huge leap towards the futuristic success in educational development, intending to leave a strong footprint in the educational sector.

While Karnataka is advancing in the field of education, we give you “10 Must-Watch Colleges and Institutions in Karnataka,” which are inciting the passion for knowledge in students and giving them a high-quality education. Featuring these premier institutions providing appropriate education, infrastructure, and environment to students, we aim to help students and faculty members to make the right decision for the educational future!

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