Sonal Gupta, CEO, Maansarovar Law Centre

“What will I become when I grow up?”, is an inevitable question that passes through everyone’s mind when they move towards adulthood. While for some, it is about making money, for others, it is about contributing to society, and for some, it is to gain fame or maybe just teach what they’ve learned over the years.

Law is one branch of academics that caters to each and all of these expectations because Law helps students pick their priority and move further in a direction that helps them achieve what they desire.

For me, it was always about power. The power to bring a change. And hence I picked up law as my subject because it showed me that I could become a magistrate, a judge, or even get into politics one day. All these roles are powerful and can help me bring about a substantial change in society.

Also, if any day I feel like switching, I can always work with an NGO and help the people who need me. I can practice privately, or become a public prosecutor, or even an arbitrator. In short, a career in law gives me a wide arena of opportunities that I can explore throughout my life.

Law offers several opportunities; be it money, power, fame, social service, teaching, etc. Everything can be achieved by studying law. If you want to yield power, after pursuing law, you can become a magistrate, civil servant, or even a politician. If someone wants a luxurious lifestyle, then they can also get into corporate law and work with MNCs. They can also work with legal consultants if they wish to do social service.

Just like Thomas Jefferson said, “The study of the law is useful in a variety of points of view. It qualifies a man to be useful to himself, to his neighbors, and the public”, learning about the law of your country not only helps you have a lucrative career but also improves your personal life since it makes you more aware of your rights and responsibilities.

Law is a popular career choice in India because, besides income, it also offers exciting and adventurous opportunities. Since the government is tirelessly working on the social and economic reforms of the country, there is a never-ending demand for good lawyers in the market.

Even in terms of societal reputation, being a lawyer is a prestigious position to hold. Our society holds lawyers in an esteemed position because when everything else fails, law usually helps the common man. We all need legal advice in our daily lives as well. Be it about an ancestral property, a family dispute, or a basic civil issue, legal advisers are always high in demand.

And law is not just restricted to courts, one can also explore options like:

– Corporate Law

– Taxation Law

– Labour Law

– International Law

– Family Law

– Constitutional Law

– Administration Law

– Patent Law

For those who run away from a monotonous desk job, Law is a great option as it allows you to work on something exciting and new every time. Just when you make this choice, be sure that while the law makes you powerful, it can also be very competitive, can get you a few enemies, and might make you work on crazy deadlines as well. So, if you’re ready to have a life full of adventures, excitement, and the thrill of winning, then a career in law is all you need.


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