Shilpi Sharma, Director, Edu Brain Academy

Shilpi Sharma, the young entrepreneur and Director at Edu Brain Academy, India, where she has proved her skills into vocational education and training and made her brand “Edu Brain Academy” a most trusted education brand in India. She is an eminent individual who is a part of various national and international bodies and has also won many achievement Awards. Her effort in improving the teaching and learning methodology by implementing new technologies.


Do you have a creative side to your personality? Do you enjoy sketching? If you answered yes, fashion design is an intriguing career option for you. Students may learn about fashion trends, drawing, selecting colors, materials, and styles, as well as designs, garments, and accessories, by studying fashion. Fashion design is the newest craze, and many students are pursuing this career path. Fashion design entails producing new designs for clothing and accessories in order to make them more attractive and fashionable.

In recent years, fashion design has emerged as the most enticing, fashionable, and exciting professional option. Fashion design is the greatest job choice for you if you are creative, inventive, innovative, and fashionable. Fashion design opens the door to a variety of careers, including fashion designers, fashion coordinators, stylists, merchandisers, textile analysts, product managers, fashion management, shop managers, fashion bloggers, and fashion journalists.

A bachelor’s degree in garment design and a master’s degree in design Clothing studies, components of fashion design, pattern creation, computer design (cad, corel draw, photo-shop, and illustrator), garment construction, and textile and apparel testing track all allow you to focus your studies in a specific way. You will be able to focus on practical design and hands-on development of distinctive clothing goods at the undergraduate level. Sustainability, aesthetics, wearable technologies, clothing history and culture, and consumer behavior are among the graduate research concentrations.

Job prospects:

There is little question that pursuing fashion design will lead to several employment alternatives. As the demand for fashion garments and accessories grows across the world, so does the demand for designers. Because the fashion business is expanding at a quick speed, career prospects for fashion designers, make-up artists, and stylists are also expanding at a rapid pace. After you finish your design education, you can work with wholesalers, clothes stores, fashion corporations, fashion bloggers, store managers, editors, design and manufacturing firms, or the entertainment sector.

Start your own business:

Another significant advantage of studying fashion design is that you may start your own business in the same sector. If you are well-known, you can start your own fashion line, clothes company, or store.


In the world of fashion, new inventions and fashion trends for the future are being developed. As a result, fashion designing is a really exciting career since it constantly entails having fun and having a creative mind while coming up with a new product, style, or design.

Wage packages:

A good salary is another feature that makes fashion design a viable career option. Working for a reputable fashion designer, a fashion house, or starting your own business, you will never be dissatisfied with your pay. Furthermore, as your job experience grows, so will your opportunity to study and make a lot of money.

Workplace atmosphere:

Fashion design is a career where you don’t have to sit at a desk all day. You will be able to travel to other cities and countries to attend fashion events and shows as a fashion designer. Fabrics, patterns, and other elements will always be present.

The emergence of the international fashion market in India has boosted the fashion sector, which has blossomed into a thriving business where a job as a fashion designer is like a pot of gold. As a result, many young individuals who are drawn to these characteristics decide to pursue careers in the fashion sector like Fashion design is a form of applied art that focuses on the creation of garments and other lifestyle items. This work has changed across time and location, inspired by cultural and societal perspectives. From the designed clothing worn by ancient world aristocracy to the haute couture items of today, fashion design has gone a long way. In today’s world, fashion design is one of the most profitable, enticing, fashionable, and interesting job alternatives. A job in fashion design is tailor-made for you if you have a flair for creativity, style, and originality. On the one hand, the fashion business meets people’s creative desires as well as their materialistic wants. On the other side, it promises the gifted individuals glitter, celebrity, success, and a large compensation package.

There are some attractive sides to this job, such as being able to rub elbows with the affluent and famous, but getting there is quite difficult. You can work in fields including designer clothing production, fashion marketing, planning, and idea management as a professional fashion designer. Then there’s fashion journalism, design production management, fashion accessory design, quality assurance, and brand marketing. Working as a costume designer, fashion consultant, personal stylist, technical designer, graphic designer, production pattern maker, or fashion coordinator is also an option. Apparel production manager, fabric buyer, fabric quality control manager, showroom sales representative, illustrator, cutting assistant, and outside sales representative are some of the other positions available. Those interested in a career in fashion design can also go into business for themselves and start their own businesses.

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