Eklovey Verma, Founder, Creating Talks

Eklovey Verma, who was a part of Super 30’s one-year special residential program, is a young entrepreneur. Possessing outstanding leadership and agile thinking quality, Eklovey founded Creating Talks – a career-accelerator platform where industry experts share their, insights, hacks, and tricks in the form of a recorded video. “Creating Talks is an experiential learning platform where we have different domain-specific talks of industry experts. We stream these talks for Free to our audience on a specific day and time,” says Eklovey. In a conversation with Higher Education Digest, Eklovey talks about USPs of Creating Talks, his journey as an entrepreneur, key trends of e-learning to follow in 2021, and much more.


The Indian EdTech sector is currently booming due to the pandemic. As a career-accelerator platform and a bridge between being skilled and experienced at the same time, how is Creating Talks helping learners during this pandemic?

Many people have lost their jobs during this pandemic. Many of them are freshers, and they want to know about industry insights. Being an online platform, Creating Talks helps them get these insights from the experts and domain leaders. We are keeping Free Live Streaming of the talks of experts regularly on our platform. This is helping the youth to make wise choices in their career and help them excel in their fields.

What are the unique services Creating Talks offering to the education sector? How does the company intend to stand out from the crowd?

Creating Talks is based on the unique concept of experiential learning. We are exclusively providing insights, hacks, tricks, and expertise of domain leaders in the form of a video. We are actually creating an OTT platform, not for entertainment, but for learning. As per our knowledge, we have become the first OTT platform to stream all its premium content for Free to our non-subscriber during our Live Streaming sessions on specific days and times. Moreover, the subscription amount we kept is also very nominal and affordable for anyone.

Generally, we see that other platforms are inviting domain leaders to prepare lessons, and then they sell courses. We, at Creating Talks, are trying to change this scenario by asking domain leaders to share their professional journey in the form of a maximum of 20 minutes video, which is even more impactful and useful for the audience.

What inspired you to start Creating Talks? How have your objectives and goals changed since the company has grown?

When I was in college, I formed this venture – Creating Talks. My team and I realized the power of talks. We conducted offline events in some prestigious colleges of India like IIT, DTU, SRCC. We started inviting prominent names in those events to share their journey with our audience. However, we were quick to judge that these motivational talks are subjective in nature. If we really want to impact and empower the youth, then we have to be specific. That is why we came up with an idea of this Experiential Learning OTT Platform that talks about different career domains through videos by experts.

Experts in the education and industry say that many of the present jobs and skillsets will soon become redundant. What are the major changes that we can expect in future jobs?

If we compare the past years, we can find that many things we did offline now turned digital—for instance, our shopping experience. E-commerce is completely ruling today’s retail market. Future is virtual. The workforce is going to be different, where digital literacy will be a must requirement. Moreover, there will be a lot of job opportunities in domains like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning, Data Science, and Blockchain.

As a youth-centric Ed-Tech platform, what are the opportunities Creating Talks sees in the Indian education market?

The Indian education market is growing at a significantly faster rate. Today, we see many unicorns in India are emerging from the EdTech industry. EdTech in India has great potential, and Creating Talks is working on an idea that is not tapped yet, i.e., experiential learning from domain experts talks.

We are extremely optimistic about future opportunities in the Indian education market, as it has high scope. Nearly for the last 30 years, there is no significant reform in the country’s education system. Small changes were definitely there, but the system was very constant for years. This pandemic hit it poorly. People then realized that they need to change the education market.

So, when I am saying great market opportunities, then it is not just for Creating Talks but all other platforms that can bring revolution in education in India.

What are some of the most innovative technologies in EdTech right now? What are the key trends of e-learning to follow in 2021?

The concept of online learning, including one on one interactions, Live Classes, recorded classes, online assessment, etc., are some of the excellent examples of a blend of tech and education. When we look at 2021, AI and machine learning in education will lead to customize learning. It will enhance the experience of online education in a significant way.

What are the exciting things can we expect from Creating Talks in the next 12 months? What are your plans for expansion?

We are looking forward to creating an online community in the future. It will be like an online place where youth can interact with each other, experts will be there as mentors, and the content will be centric to professional domains and different career options. The number of available talks on the platform is definitely going to increase in the future. Though I firmly believe that the community has power and value, so launching it is definitely there in our expansion plans.

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