Syed Masood, Managing Director, Heritage Institute of Management and Communication

Syed Masood, who is running media college, Heritage Institute of Management and Communication (HIMCOM) is one of the most relevant examples of the maxim, ‘If you really want to be a successful person, then no constraint can stop you in achieving your goals’. Founded by him in 2012, HIMCOM is located at Maharani Bagh, New Delhi. Presently, Syed Masood is the Managing Director of the college, which is counted among the most advanced mass communication institutions in north India. He has done Bachelors in Journalism 2006-2009 and Mass Communication and Masters in International Business 2009-2011. After completing his study, he worked with a news channel and decided to start his own media institute. Besides, he also loves to explore new places and connecting with new people. His work has been recognized at various platforms. He believes that great things never happen in one’s comfort zone.

If food, clothes, and shelter are the basic needs for physical security, education ensures intellectual and psychological security to a person. Universities and colleges are principally serving this purpose since the earliest human civilizations. However, the pattern of imparting education has never been universal. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is also bringing so many changes in the education system because of the unprecedented global lockdown. Amidst this crisis, some scepticism and confusion about the admission procedure are quite obvious among students going to finish school. Final-year students of the undergraduate courses are also going through a similar experience. But lockdown does not mean the end of formal studies. Keeping certain things in mind students can effectively prepare for college admission and can pursue the desired courses. Below are some useful suggestions for students willing to join their preferred courses in colleges in the upcoming academic session.

Adopt the change
Although the situation is difficult for students seeking admission in new courses, it does not mean all the doors are closed. One just needs to keep the focus on academic goals. The majority of the reputed management, engineering, and mass communication colleges have adopted the online methods for admission and counselling. The internet is the leading rescuer for academic institutions and colleges from the operational breakdowns caused by Coronavirus pandemic. These technologically advanced colleges are smartly offering a bunch of essential services through websites and smart apps.

Practice means better preparation
Aspirants of JEE, ICSE, and ISC are a bit more impatient in the current situation as these exams have been postponed. Recently, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has revised their academic calendar for the accredited technical institutions in the country. According to this circular, counselling and allotment of seats in the engineering colleges will be completed on or before August 15, 2020. It means students still have more than two months. They should take the lockdown positively – extended holidays for preparations and must keep on revising the topics which are relatively difficult yet important. Through more and more practice, they can improve their chances of qualifying these entrance exams rather confidently. Hence, this is a very precious time, and every prudent student would like to optimize it. Besides, during the lockdown, students should keep themselves updated about the latest developments in the academic landscape of India to proceed accordingly.

Introspect yourself
It is often seen that many bright and talented students spoil their academic career just because of a wrong decision. Following the herd mentality or under the influence of their parents they choose a subject at the undergraduate level, which is not their first love. Not everyone is born to become a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, some are better to contribute to society well as a journalist, author, economist, painter, musician, etc. At this stage, neither parents nor students know how severe the ramifications of a single hasty decision will be. With clear introspection and understanding of one’s own personality, a student can explore his/her best interests, hobbies, strengths, as well as the areas where s/he is less comfortable or uninterested. Thereby, one should always follow one’s passion and take admission in such a course which pleases to heart the most. During these free and less burdensome days of lockdown, self-assessment should be the foremost task for every student before making any final decision regarding the selection of the course and subjects. Online counselling from the experts can also help in judging the self and taking the right decision.

Research to find out the right college
Once making up the mind regarding a certain course, the next big step for every student is finding out the best college to pursue this course. Remember, the criteria may vary from person to person because of differences in priorities, physical distance, availability of time, and budget limitations. But there are some common parameters such as recognitions/accreditations from governing bodies, affiliation with university/is, infrastructure, teaching experience of the faculty members, industry exposure, and placement record that help to judge an institution. Apart from these, distance from the residence, education loan facility, online classroom option, and safety of the students are also important factors that help in deciding about the right college. Today, there are many news portals, websites, and magazines which give ratings to colleges on various accounts, these ratings can also be considered by while deciding a college.

Invest substantial time in grooming the personality
In today’s competitive world, it is the overall personality of a candidate which helps him/her score high in both personal and professional lives. On the other hand, if one is planning to take admission in management, mass communication, or hospitality, then besides having a good academic record one should also have good communication skills and pleasant personality. And, to enhance the personality, one should devote some time in extra-curricular activities such as attending online hobby classes, participating in group discussions, following role models on social media platforms, taking part in group or individual quizzes, and taking online personality development classes. This lockdown phase is quite beneficial to pursue such activities and take an extra edge over the peers.

Be optimistic and outcast fear
Coronavirus outbreak is the biggest challenge before the world and not only students, people in almost every walk of life are affected by this untoward situation. But, in no way, the humankind is going to surrender to this pandemic. Being optimistic at soul and brave at heart, everyone must have to fight with it in his/her own way. Soon, the victory will be the ultimate end of this battle and students will do their best in making a better and more prosperous world.

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