Dr. Shiv Kumar, Associate Professor & Head – School of Business Management, Noida International University

The career in marketing provides a gamut of business prospects, technology, social and digital media as well as social sciences. Marketing is a key driver of any business. Every organization has majorly two areas, where they need to focus such as marketing and innovation. The world is packed with innovative products, services, technologies, solutions, business models etc. These innovations must be brought to the market and commercialized in order to increase profits. Apart from it, providing the right context for people to understand the new innovations is also required, this is possible through the marketing practices.

Earlier the marketing function of any organization was only confined to product selling and customer identification but now the scenario has entirely changed. The significant part of a career in marketing is to recognize appropriately needs of the product and/or services, its preferences, and constraints related to the target group of consumers or the market niche analogous to the brand.

The new aspects which have evolved due to the change in the current market situations are known as Social and Digital Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Content Marketing, Product Marketing, Marketing analysis, Event marketing, Public Relations/ Communications, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Marketing research, Competitor Analysis and E-Commerce. The School of Business Management (SBM) at Noida International University offers you a degree in marketing which matches effectively the needs of organization in all the above aspects.

Recently, there has been a dramatic shift in the way businesses promotes their products and interact with their audience. Marketing and promotional campaigns are essential to every company regardless of industry, as long as organizations seek to grow and maintain their market share. Even when the state of the economy fluctuates, the demand for marketing professionals often stays relatively steady. Companies have ongoing needs for marketing experts who can develop sales and advertising strategies, solve complex problems, and generate new ideas to promote products and services.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour statistics (2017), Conventional marketing business careers jobs are expected to grow 9% through 2024 which includes marketing, advertising, and promotion function at the managerial level. Marketing offers various opportunities to qualified graduates who can think strategically, create relevancy and deliver measurable results.

There is a range of marketing career options that offers an immense possibility for growth and advancement. The programs offered by Noida International University could be a great choice for those who are exploring opportunity in Marketing. Our courses are customized as per the current market and business need and requirements of organizations. One of the most distinctive features of our courses is that they cover the all the different contemporary subjects like Digital Marketing, Advertising and Brand Management, Social Media Marketing Analytics, Customer Relationship Marketing, Marketing Research etc. These subjects include in-depth knowledge about all the new concepts like competitor analysis, Content analysis etc. These courses in marketing indeed are beneficial for students in all aspects of life and career. The diversity of the offerings allows the student to not only learn cutting edge concepts but to tailor their skills as per their desired career prospective.

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