Vinod Tiwari, Regional Mentor of Change, Niti Aayog, Atal Tinkering Lab

Vinod Tiwari is recognized as UAE’s number one Entrepreneurship Consultant, an Engineering Director, Bestselling Author, International Speaker, and Regional – Mentor of Change having a multi-faceted interest. He is a sought-after speaker and has conducted more than 149 seminars in India/UAE at various Industry forums and Conventions. He is deeply engaged with senior leadership in Abu Dhabi for Philanthropic activities, Promotion of education, and Yoga. Vinod is popularly known as Magician of Words in both UAE and India. In 2019, his Self-help book “From Dreaming to Achieving, in LIFE” to unveil success secrets for youth became the bestseller, and the book is available via all online platforms and major bookstores in 47+ countries, including India.


India is accelerating with full speed with a holistic approach to meet the demand for skilled resources for Industrial Revolution 4.0. The requirement is to nurture the young minds from the high school level for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 3D printing, Big Data, Robotics to ensure high efficiency through integration of the man-machine approach.

Many partnerships are placed together for contribution to the NITI Aayog initiative to create spark among children by means of Atal Tinkering Labs. We are thankful to MyGov for providing the digital platform. IBM has joined ATL from day one; they have come up with a ‘student internship program’ first time for school children for their world-class labs. Dell started a ‘student entrepreneur program’ to design game developer modules until marketable products, where students can be game creators, not just players. Adobe has joined hands to extend its creative cloud technology and recently launched a program ‘digital creativity skills’ for all the students, teachers, and mentors.

Be it rural or urban location, government or private school, parents or teacher attitude, mentors or ATL in-charge dedication, government or public-private partnership, every single effort is being counted for make New India as a job creator country, not a job seeker. Future seems to be very promising under able the leadership of the ruling government with a visionary team of Sri Rajiv Kumar, Sri Amitabh Kant, Sri R. Ramanan, and many others.


More About Vinod Tiwari

Recently, NITI Aayog appointed Vinod Tiwari as the ‘Regional Mentor of Change’ for Gujarat State, AIM Team for supporting and mentoring all mentors of the state. This is to support the Indian Government flagship initiative of Atal Tinkering Lab.

Vinod Tiwari is a technocrat with 28 years of rich and insightful experience in Administration & Leadership, Project & Services, Sales & Marketing, and Business Development having a background of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. A True Expert in the engineering industry with chronicle success, he has been leading the UAE market for around 8 years. Currently, Vinod is serving UAE based engineering company as a ‘Director- Renewable Power Solution’.

In 2019, Vinod was awarded as the ‘Most Innovative Solar Energy Expert of the year’ during International Business Awards-2019 at Atlantis, The Palm Dubai. Recently, Vinod got appointed as a Judge to access finalists of Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards. The esteemed award ceremony will cover the range of inspiring initiatives by large corporations, startups, or an established SME, those who are implementing outstanding sustainability and CSR initiatives.


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