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Entrepreneur I Certified Business Coach I Certified Life coach I Public speaker I Startup mentor With more than 25 years’ experience in successful business leadership, led teams and organizations to innovate, build, implement business solutions & products in the field of Information Technology and services for customers across 20+ countries. Launched in 2020 by Ashish Khare, MentorKart is a 360-degree Skill development and Mentorship platform to help youth achieve their Professional/Career goals, we are on the mission to make youth of India Industry & Future Ready. The firm aims at offering specialized mentorship programs for students, working professionals as well as early-stage entrepreneurs which is ultimately mapped with career goals of the youth, starting from getting hired, Job transition, Career transition, exponential career growth, leadership skill or Be your own boss.


During the pandemic, every sector in India experienced the greatest disruption, and education was no exception to it. Education is no longer restricted to traditional classrooms. The government’s limits and tight safety measures have prepared the way for new-age pedagogies such as online education. The COVID-19 pandemic supported the edtech sector’s potential growth, resulting in massive recruiting, however, experts predict that with the opening of schools, this upward trend will likely consolidate.

However, one positive by-product of these disruptions has been the willingness of all stakeholders, such as schools, coaching institutes, students, and teachers, to adopt the digital style of learning, resulting in the Edtech boom of today. The outbreak has significantly altered the way we teach and learn, resulting in the use of modern technology, increased revenue, and jobs.

Ed-tech: An essential for today’s era

Ed-tech is a collaborative approach to education and technology in which organizations use technology to curate high-quality and individualized learning experiences at a low cost in order to make education more egalitarian and inclusive. Everything from the addictive app on your smartphone to the new-normal classroom fits under the broad umbrella of Ed-tech.

According to Technavio, the Ed-tech market was valued at $2 billion in 2021. Though, the industry has grown significantly in size over the last decade. In the next ten years, it is expected to grow to $30 billion. Technology advancement has played a significant role in transforming, as it has paved the way for Ed-tech. Now, ed-tech platforms not only assist scholars in development, however, also facilitate benefits for professionals to begin or restart their careers by upskilling their knowledge in a variety of fields.

Overall, technology plays an essential role in upskilling the professionals in today’s world. Because we are now a technology-dependent generation, our lives and studies revolve around technology. The amount of time and attention we devote to our smart gadgets keeps us engaged and helps to evolve further.

Online Mentorship Program

Nowadays, with the advancement of digital technology, the era is evolving, with online apps and platforms such as mentorship assisting customers of all ages on their journey. With the conviction that mentor-mentee relationships have the power to alter lives and close skill gaps sustainably.

Scholars who choose to take JEE, NEET, GATE, or UPSC exams online save money on transportation, hotels, meals, and other expenses. They also don’t have to think about changing their base. Students can have a certain level of flexibility in their schedules due to the availability of recorded lectures, which are normally unavailable in the offline format.

Students of all ages can now prepare for competitive or traditional exams at their own speed and have access to their test results in comparison to other students through quantitative data analysis. Online mentorship systems are presently in high demand owing to the potential of one-on-one learning experiences with improved exploration and employment security during their learning term.

New Demand in the New Normal

The thriving EdTech industry benefited both students and investors, while also increasing job opportunities. As more e-learning businesses emerge, teachers and other staff are in high demand. As a consequence, India’s skilled youth have several chances to teach, study, and make money. The new demand that is emerging in the new normal is the development of life-skills. Edtech is emphasizing life skills through online classes.

Public speaking is the most sought-after life skill among parents. Communication skills are a critical 21st-century talent that is intimately related to professional success. Parents want their children to learn to read with comprehension, creative writing, phonics, and grammar. Furthermore, the workforce of the twenty-first century will be vastly different from that of today. It will focus on technology that did not exist a few years ago, as well as ones that have yet to be invented. In the scenario, coding will be crucial in bringing about revolutionary transformation as a new normal.

The education sector is steadily evolving, and e-learning programmes, in particular, have made studying more convenient and accessible. Students may now learn at their own pace, according to their own talents, and about anything they desire, thanks to the online platform. This is the ideal approach to learning since it allows students to reskill and upskill.

There are a myriad of online mentorship platforms in India that provide effective programmes and assist in the creation of successful education models by combining novel pedagogies and techniques. As a result, the new demand will hasten the growth trajectory of ed-tech in the new normal.

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