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Som Sharma is a pioneer and visionary in the field of Vocational Training and consultancy. Som Sharma is the Founding Chairman of Edu Brain Foundation (Edu Brain Academy) based out of Delhi with overseas branches and 15 glorious years in service. Som Sharma is also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Education Brains Pvt. limited and owns overseas company that is Edu Brain Overseas Project Management Services in Dubai. He has taken all his enterprises to the heights.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted education, training and internship in most parts of the world. Interns from different backgrounds are uncertain about the status of their internships. Students who are doing or planning to get enrolled in an international internship have felt anxious are worried about the uncertainty and vulnerability of their future due to the spread of the virus. In some cases, internships were dropped during the current year. To decrease the onsite presence of personnel, some associations have replaced their onsite internships with online internship activities.

International students already face a lot of difficulties. With various anxieties, general living issues may give snags in his/her learning. These difficulties, alongside numerous different issues, are intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Routine Disruption and Vary in the Working Environment: As COVID-19 cases were rising alarmingly worldwide last March, the whole faced the first-ever complete lockdown. This complete lockdown disrupted the students’ routines. Most, if not all, of the students, already face difficulty in adjusting to the new country.

We had to deal with other family commitments and problems when we worked from home. Some interns consider their homes to be a non-working environment as well. As a result, it’s unsurprising that most people “lack the space that facilitates work,” despite their home’s abundance of distractions.

Unavailability of Technology: Access to appropriate devices, technology and different tools is a critical benefit with regards to working. With the spread of Covid, the interns had to telecommute which intensifies the trouble because of the absence of technology like good internet connection and fast PC frameworks.

Upsurge in Issues Because of Isolation: The distance working and isolation have effectively influenced the efficiency of the assistants. The lockdown has diminished crucial interaction with associates and colleagues hence restricting any expected contributions to the examination. As mobility is limited, although not stopped, the unexpected void roads and public transportation amplified sensations of avoidance in students.

Paucity of Financial Sources: Internships help in the everyday expenses of the students and for some, it allows for some savings cash or money they can send back home to help their families. These sources are presently non-existent and there is vulnerability when jobs will open once more.

Variation in Mental Health: Researches shows that the COVID-19 lockdown variously affects emotional wellness. As the isolation continues, the segregation strengthens sensations of helplessness, which is connected to 29-32 % expanded odds of mortality. It has influenced their “capacity to think Imaginary”.

Every individual has their way of coping with this pandemic. Here are a few suggestions that students can try to cope with in this situation:

“Necessity is the mother of invention and every crisis comes up with oceans of Hidden opportunity”.

Study More and Contrive your Abilities: This is merely the ideal chance to add to yourself, through an extra program of learning. Personal value-addition in hard skills and extra degree are together the most exemplary approach to make great the forfeiture of a bad financial year and set yourself up for the large jump when the circumstance changes. Get rapidly onto internet learning through Google classes, zoom meetings, and so forth and build your abilities.

Prepare for Online Internship: Apply yourself ideally for online internships, paid or unpaid, which can draw in you in digital research, survey, report composing, social media work, and so on. Such internships are vital presently to draw in yourself profitably, get insight from good ways, and certificate of completion of the same.

Analyzing Options and Emend Future Plans: The pandemic has disturbed various aspects of the life of a graduate student. However, it has additionally opened new opportunities. The pandemic can be utilized as a chance for learning and development.

New learnings brought by the pressures the students are going through are like how a samurai blade is forged. Together, we have witnessed the highs and lows faced by humankind. We’re working out how to adapt to and be stronger in the face of unforeseen shifts in our daily lives. In this way, once the opportunity occurs, we will create a more robust, adaptable, and viable future.

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