Srini Vemula, Founder and the {iPi} math++ Guru of {} —a global firm

Srini Vemula is the Founder and math++ Guru at {} — a global EdTech company. He has rich experience in information technology, data, and AI from top Silicon Valley companies such as Databricks, Apple, HP etc. He has created a unique teaching methodology blending math, data thinking and ai thinking called math++. The driving forces behind Vemula’s entrepreneurial venture include his passion for teaching and a great vision to create a better future for kids. He has 25 years of rich experience in teaching math and leading high-end information technology, data and AI projects. Mr. Vemula aims to nurture math, data, and AI thinking in kids while focusing on their overall personality development. He seeks to inspire curiosity and confidence in kids, which are the most important things for them to get ready for the future.


The world is witnessing rapid advancements in technology creation and application. It is imperative to fuel the new generation with new-age skills to ensure inclusive growth and development of young minds as they are the future leaders and innovators of our world, and data and AI are going to be a huge part of their lives and future.

As technology continues to evolve and develop at a rapid pace, so too the way kids learn should evolve and develop. And to prepare kids for the coming future the current school curriculum is not enough.

{} has introduced math++ program to enhance the new-age tech mindset, enrich creativity and problem-solving skills, and create a path to a new world of innovation. For kids, learning math with RobArt means exploring new horizons, as well as getting ready for the future.

What is RobArt?

RobArt is a way to create mathematical art with programming logic which generates curiosity in the minds of kids. With the help of Robo turtle, kids can design anything that they can imagine and can build small games which will enhance their creativity, logical thinking, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills as well. With RobArt kids can connect the beautiful dots of math, data, and algorithmic thinking.

Let’s have a deeper look at how math with RobArt will lead to the overall development of kids and equip them to perform effectively in the world of tomorrow.

Benefits of Teaching Math with RobArt

Helps with visualization of math

Grasping abstract math concepts can be challenging and can put kids off the subject entirely. To overcome this problem RobArt comes to aid. RobArt is a language of math and it helps kids visualize abstract concepts, allowing them to apply learned math to real-world situations using their logical, analytical, and calculation skills, and it makes math super fun, engaging and easy.

Promotes data fluency

The world has become data-driven and from a young age, kids are being exposed to big data. In the age of digitization, data is the ‘new oil’ being the mantra of leaders today. Math with RobArt will help kids understand how to understand and deal with data, which is very essential for the digital world. Learning these skills will help kids in becoming great contributors to the future world.

Fosters creativity

Math with RobArt allows kids to express themselves by experimenting and trying a variety of possible outcomes of each program rather than just going by the rule book without the fear of being judged. This will give them an opportunity to be confident and design something that is entirely their own idea and the ability to turn that idea into a reality in a fun and exciting way. Even if kids make mistakes while learning, it will strengthen their skills. And always remember this creativity is not a product, it is a part of the process.

Ignites curiosity and makes learning fun

Most of the time kids do not understand the math concepts explained in school, lack curiosity, and get bored of long lectures. We say curiosity is crucial in learning as it makes our brains more receptive to learning and that when kids learn, they enjoy the feeling of learning. Math with RobArt is a newly curated curriculum embedded with technology which makes learning very exciting and fun. Curious kids not only ask questions but also actively seek out the answers.

Helps kids become confident problem solvers

To tackle complex math and RobArt problems it is vital to break them down into smaller components for analysis and work upon them. Through this kids will learn to approach various challenges using their logical and computational thinking skills and become confident problem solvers. Problem-solving is the most essential skill and it will help kids to a great extent in every stage of their life be it in school or college or work.

Puts a foundation for machine learning and artificial intelligence

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the next substantial realms to learn and work in because in the coming years’ everything will be automated. Therefore, kids need to have a strong understanding of these technology facets from a young age so that they can process them to create wonders in the future.

Introducing math with RobArt will help kids to thrive in the digital world. It is an essential skill in the future because it is an important part of digital transformation. It majorly focuses on the practical application of math and algorithmic thinking rather than just conceptualizing them. This will enrich your kid’s creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving and designing skills.

It’s a brave new world, but one filled with infinite opportunities for those who have the skills to navigate it.

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