Professor (Dr) Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Sanskriti University

Dr Rana Singh is currently working as Vice-Chancellor of Sanskriti University, Mathura. Dr Singh ( is an MBA (Gold Medalist) with specialization in Finance and a PhD in Management. Dr Singh is a techno-business professional having two decades of experience in the domain of academics, research, training, quality assurance, and consulting. He has been pioneering excellence in the areas of strategic planning, implementation, and control to enhance the overall effectiveness of higher educational institutions to improve the quality of teaching, learning & assessment. Dr Singh has been working in the domain of Strategic Planning, Implementation, and Control for higher educational institutions.


Management students study multiple topics in the domains of business and management and hence are better equipped to handle various crisis situations, including a pandemic like COVID-19. The Management students acquire the required knowledge, skills, and competencies and become adept at the case analyses and problem-solving in response to some real-world problems.

The management students master the art of case analysis during the Management programme. The Post COVID scenario is likely to pose many challenges and offer multiple solutions as well. The students should analyze the problems at their hands and should explore the plausible solutions.

The management students can tackle the crisis after COVID-19 in the following ways:

Healthcare: The management students can sensitize the people about the various Do’s and Don’ts to the citizens and enable them with the required knowledge, skills and competencies and preventive measures to avoid the deadly pandemic of COVID-19.

Education: The management students can sensitize about the various apps and technologies to the children and their parents to enable them to maximize productivity in the process of online teaching, learning, and assessment. This will make the child and their parents more familiar with the software, platform, or app, and hence the outcomes of academic delivery will improve.

Entrepreneurship: The management students can enable young and budding entrepreneurs by giving them training or assistance. The management students can guide the entrepreneurs from the small and medium enterprises sector by giving them knowledge or support in making the business plan.

Hospitality Management: The management students can reinforce the importance of hygiene and other allied aspects to the employees working in the Hospitality sector.

Facilities Management: The management students can focus on getting the whole area sanitized by the latest machines/gadgets by including the right chemicals mixed in water in the proper proportions.

Implementation of Preventive strategies: The management students can implement the various preventive strategies like lockdown, measurement of temperature of all the incoming and outgoing guests by using the thermal infrared scanner, wearing of masks, usage of sanitizers, stoppage of people coming from COVID infected areas, etc.

Design Management: The management students can work in collaboration with the students of fashion design to focus on producing low-cost masks with better user experience. They can also focus on innovative dress designing for the protection of Doctors, Nurses etc.

Sanitizers: The management students can procure the materials used in the process of preparing the sanitizers and arrange them in small packing materials at an affordable cost for the residents of the society.

Lifestyle Management: The management students can sensitize the residents and other available people about the various aspects of lifestyle management so that the residents can raise their immunity and avoid falling sick.

Diet Management: The management students can inform the people around about the importance of diet management. They can also give them the recommended diet according to the region, season and availability of fruits and vegetables.

Logistics Planning and Management: The management students can work for the logistics planning and management so that the patient can be quarantined on a fast track basis in case someone is diagnosed positive with COVID 19.

Quarantine Management: The management students can get the quarantine management done professionally so that the disease does not spread to other parts of society.

Supply Chain Management: The management students can coordinate with various suppliers and vendors to ensure the supply of eatables and other necessary items to all the residents of the society.

People Management: The management students can convince people about avoiding unwanted travel from and to society for unwanted reasons.

Social Distancing Management: The management students can come together and sensitize the residents about social distancing. They can also mark the squares and circles with labelling paint/chemicals and bring the behavioural change in the residents.

The students of management can excel par excellence in the areas mentioned above. They can give excellent solutions to multiple problems arising in the post-COVID 19 scenario in various other areas as well.


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