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IPMAT is an aptitude test conducted by IIM Indore for its 5-year course called the IPM (Integrated Programme in Management). It is an online-based exam and is conducted once a year. The official website for the IPMAT exam is

Here are some must-know points about the IPMAT exam:

1.      There are 3 sections:

➔ Quantitative Ability (MCQ type)

➔ Quantitative Ability (Short answer questions)

➔ Verbal Ability (MCQ type)

2.    The exam duration is 2 hours.

3.    Every right answer results in +4 marks.

4.    Every wrong answer will result in a -1 mark.

5.     The candidate should have scored a minimum of 60% aggregate in Class 10/SSC and Class 12/ HSC or equivalent examinations.

Sections-wise breakup of questions and marking scheme:


Number of questions

Maximum Marks can be scored

Type of questions

Quantitative Ability



MCQ based

Quantitative Ability



Short answer based

Verbal Ability



MCQ based

Here are some tips that will help you perform with your best potential:

1.     Be ready to get surprised!

Don’t completely rely on the previous year’s paper patterns. The pattern can be different every year. The number of questions in each section may differ from the given paper pattern. The difficulty of certain sections may also be very high, whereas for certain sections the difficulty level might be moderate or easy. Going with certain expectations about the paper pattern can disappoint you. So it’s better to go with no expectations and with confidence in your preparation.

2. Go out of the way for preparing for the Quantitative reasoning section

The quantitative reasoning section can be challenging. The candidate should work hard and not hesitate in making extra efforts for the section. Solve every day without fail. Learn all the formulas by heart. Solve as many mocks and as many practice papers as possible. Buy enough study material. Learn mental maths to increase your calculation speed.

3.   Make different strategies for all the sections

Strategizing is extremely important. Plan how you will prepare and how you will write the exam. Know how many minimum questions you must attempt to achieve the score you desire. A Lot of time you will give to the section and how much maximum time you will spend on one question. Don’t waste more than 1 minute on questions in the quant sections. Work on your mental math techniques.

4.   Be in the correct state of mind

Be confident of the practice and hard work you have done to prepare for the section. Being calm and patient does wonders not just while preparing but also while appearing for the exam. Do not panic before or during the exam as it can wash away all the hard work that you did before finally appearing for the exam. Being in the right mind will give more effective results. Make sure you reach the exam center on time to avoid last-minute panic.

5.    Know your strengths and weaknesses

You need to know the topics that you are good at and the ones that you aren’t too good at. Try planning upon the questions you will prefer attempting depending upon your strengths and weaknesses. This will reduce the probability of you losing marks because of your wrong answers. Also, don’t be overconfident about your strengths, and don’t be ignorant of your weaknesses. Strive hard to convert your weaknesses into strengths.

6.   Carry all the necessary documents

Make sure you carry all the necessary documents on the day of the exam. Carry your admit card and valid identity proof. If you fail to provide the required documents you would not be allowed to enter the exam center. Also, carry all the required study material that you will need during the exam.

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