Dr Kulneet Suri, Senior Director, Institute of Management Studies (IMS) Noida

Dr Kulneet Suri has an illustrious track record in Higher Education Sector for over 23 years and has outstanding achievements to her credit in delivering mission critical results by her unmatched Leadership. She has simultaneously worked for organized and unorganized sectors for women and girl child upliftment. Presently she is working as Senior Director at IMS Noida, IMS-DIA under UNISON EDUCATION Society which has 11 campuses spanning across Dehradun and Noida – a well-known global professional.


In the last few years, technological advancements have probably overtaken a massive part of the global and Indian economy. This has not only benefited the operational aspect of the industries but, has created new job opportunities for aspirants. There has been a considerate upsurge in the courses that universities are offering to meet the demand for new and exciting fields emerging in the industry.

Data Science has emerged as one of the most trending course for those who love to play with data and codes. There has been intensification in demand for data scientists as the economy lacks experts in this field. What is even more exciting is the salaries being offered. Due to the massive demand, organizations are hiring data scientists at extremely lucrative packages.

What is Data Science?

Before proceeding further to the broader aspects, it is essential to know what precisely Data Science is and how it works. Data science is a technique where scientists work actively to extract information out of the data in varied forms. Also called Data Driven Science, the procedure involves both structured as well as unstructured data from which the information is hauled out using scientific methodology.

Over the years, the decision-making process within the organizations has showcased tremendous transformation. The decision making has now become more data-driven rather than wholly based on assumptions. A number of tools like Google Analytics, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Hadoop, and more, are being actively used by companies to increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement, understand market trends, and more.

Career prospects:

According to Harvard Business Review –Data Science is “the sexiest job in the 21st Century”. Indeed, we agree with the statement as the industries are revolutionizing and evolving to a great extent, new career opportunities are extensively emerging in the industry. Data Scientists are being regarded as the magicians of the Big Data era. The economy is in a massive need for Data Scientists as the shortage is being perceived as a constraint. Thus, enormous career opportunities are emerging for aspirants within the industry.

Industry Trends in Data Science:

Global organizations like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google are majorly depending on Data Science to classify their customer base. Effective management and extraction of their structured and unstructured data is the key by which these organizations have been able to work according to their customer’s preference. For instance, if Facebook is suggesting any feature as per your choice, it indeed has been made possible by Data Science. Not only, large organizations but, small organizations have also come into action to increase their reach and avoid any undue risk associated with the business.

What else has recently gained attention is that – few organizations are working to generate their own Data Scientists. Such impactful observations are more than enough to justify that Data Science is the need of the hour.

Competition and Current Status:

Keeping in mind the complexities of the economy and how dynamic the career is, there is a huge demand for Data Scientists. Several students from the CS background are being hired for the profile but these have limited skills due to the lack of understanding of the core modules. However, attaining a degree in Data Science is a fantastic opportunity for those who have always loved mathematics and statistics. Right now there is less competition in the field, and demand is high which offers a great career opportunity for students.

Deliberating the extensive demand for data scientists, it is the RIGHT TIME to get into the field. The course in Data Science will ensure the embedment of necessary skills, which will lay a strong foundation for a career in the field.

A number of students have started searching for top data science colleges in India after 12th, even while many are still unaware of the course and what an excellent career opportunity it offers. The demand for professionals in the industry is high, which makes it one of the most lucrative courses for students.

It is essential for an aspirant to research thoroughly on the impact of the Data Science course and understand the benefits associated with the degree. According to Glassdoor and LinkedIn, Data Science has become the hottest job.

Nowadays students looking for a new and exciting career path should look at data science courses after 12th, to get a foothold in the exciting industry.

The demand for Data science experts is expected to rise in the future, which makes it one of the best fields to get into right now!

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