Dr Neelima Kamrah, Principal, KIIT World School

Having an experience of about 15 years, Dr Neelima Vardhan is the Principal of KIIT World School. She has worked as Vice Principal in KIIT World School, Delhi and Registrar at KIIT Group of Colleges, Gurgaon. Dr Neelima has published about 8 papers in various journals. Her primary areas of interest are Multiple Intelligence, Teaching-Learning Process, and writing research papers. Dr Neelima is a life- long learner.


The initial step for making our future starts from school or college life, it is important to understand the soft skills basic demand at every place. If you Google the meaning of communication skills there are a huge number of explanations given with examples but the real concept can be understood by practical knowledge. There are many things involved in communication other than oratory skills or command over language; it is the combination of many mixtures like listening, absorbing, and knowing where to stop the conversation.

Well–developed communication skills are essential for academic as well as for future perspective; at all levels, students should know to communicate effectively. It is an essential leadership function and a major characteristic of a good leader, the beneficiaries are in many ways like teamwork bonding i.e good skills help the team member to achieve the desired goals. If qualities are acquired during academic days then it will be good in terms of career perspective, students can focus on the webinar or session organized for them. As many colleges make a session on the personality development for students which focuses on all the skills required for an interview or professional life, this can be utilized during academic life. Employees who communicate effectively with their team members, manager, and corporate leaders are considered as valuable assets to an organization and this is the skill that makes them separate from the competition in the market.

The importance of strong communication runs deep within a business. The demand for skills in the perspective area of life which includes working in different industries or business life is as follows:

  1. Innovation and Team building:

What makes people unique and different in the queue is the ability to speak and openly communicate ideas without fear of anyone and can produce innovative ideas in front of everyone at the table of discussion. Making a strong and effective team is all about communicating well with the team member and solving the puzzles together for any business project. Giving effective strategies collectively working can bring a good conclusive work this, in turn, gives employee satisfaction and improve morale.

  1. Growth in every perspective:

Communication can be observed in either of the two ways internally and externally. That simply means the skills we possessed internally can deliver a message externally if we hold strong expressive language, this can be turned out to be a successful journey in your working life. What makes people differ in their career as everyone has their degree, knowledge, experience but lacks in the growth? Life is not all about hardworking and continuously working without self-consciousness and awakening about the environment, when you are awakened you can modulate yourself and act as a stimulus towards success. This awakening is directly proportional to communication skills i.e you will speak things according to the environment and get benefited from the opportunity.

  1. Strong Management:

When superior team managers are strong communicators they can well manage their teams like assignation of tasks, dispute management, relationship building, motivation, and other responsibility of management. They are the presenter of their company if holding strong skills they can convince to everyone whether to clients or customers, ability to freely communicate with their peers, colleagues, and superiors.

  1. Conference Meeting:

There was a time when everything opened but the COVID situation made many things shut down and made people work from home, this simply they have to attend the meeting through a video call itself. While conferencing over videos if you cannot be confident enough to put your ideas in front of people then it can make things not understandable. There are virtual conferences which are held for the meeting are successfully implemented due to the confidence and skills, this is the way people can be influenced.

  1. Resolves Conflict:

Many times, it happens there is a situation where conflict arises in the companies and working environment and solving the problems required clear communication. Effective communication is not about telling who is right or wrong; it’s all about having open-mind, honest and positive energetic discussions to make everyone satisfied and their needs are met. Your power of making the situation and environment good is the only thing that can make the working culture enjoyable.

Although everyone is suffering from the COVID crisis with a new variant outbreak making a situation tough again for corporate, industries, schools, and colleges to shut down and start their work in the digital space. Effective communication is the key to solving all the problems and make a good conversation with anyone at any time. Nowadays, many courses are available for enhancing the skills that can benefit in future perspective of career. These skills add points to the resume while applying for any position, therefore, making your personality boost –up giving the best opportunities for the dream career.

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