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Higher education institutions are an important part of our community, as it has a vital role in the overall development of a citizen. Beginning fresh after high school, students look for opportunities to grow and groom in their colleges. Colleges are a place where students look for an ideal learning experience with a perfect balance of studies, learning and fun. While the pandemic has forced shut the colleges, the learning and the teaching community have been severely impacted.

Restricting students from attending classes physically and having a campus life, learners and teachers have been glued to their computer and mobile screens for the past year. The shift from the traditional way of teaching to online classes was very sudden and challenging. Especially in India, where online education was not considered a credible medium, the educational institutes and the students were not prepared for the change. Interestingly, India has one of the largest student populations in terms of higher education. Having around 3.74 crore students, the higher education department in India has been revolutionized by the pandemic.

The challenge to deliver quality education has revamped the whole teaching and learning process for the students and the teachers. Colleges around the country have adopted new techniques to teach and stay focused on their motive of quality education. As the pressure of online learning has impacted students’ physical and emotional well-being, the responsibility of colleges and universities has increased. Many colleges and universities across the nation have taken innovative measures to ensure a smooth transaction of curricular and co-curricular activities.

As the learners’ community enter another academic online education session, Higher Education Digest presents “College of the Year – 2021”, appreciating the efforts made by colleges and universities in the tough times. The edition features insights into the colleges doing exceptionally well for the students’ community and helping them grow.

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