Mrunali Kulkarnil, Founder, Vision International

Mrunali Kulkarnil is the Founder of Vision International. Her background in Commerce and her initial job profile of working in Human Resources took a sudden turn when she realized that from the time she was 14, all she really wanted to do was to start a venture of her own. Mrunali’s passion is actually being passionate.

Every year we see millions of students leave their homeland as they opt for a study abroad education program. You must have given thought to, or your friends or relatives are considering studying abroad for higher education. But the question that stands here is, do you really need to leave your home country and opt for courses in a foreign land? Does it make any difference in studies & overall learning? Well, the short answer to it is yes. Choosing to study abroad can turn out as the most rewarding experience for you, as it not only helps you build a strong career, it caters to personal growth too. Some of the common reasons why you must consider studying at an international university are

Higher Education Standards: The foremost and primary reason students prefer & choose to study abroad is to experience a top-notch education system. Studying abroad truly opens up the doors to the globally recognized degrees offered in countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Holland, known for their excellent universities and highly valued education systems.

You hone your Language & communication skills: Being in a foreign land and studying can make a whole lot of difference in your verbal and written communication skills. During your time abroad, you get to meet students from across the world, interact with them, learn new languages, express your ideas, understand the cultural nuances, which helps improve your communication skills but makes you more confident in speaking. Most employers even see communication as the most important attribute a student can have, so if you have conquered it in your academic days, you are sorted for life.

Advanced & Tailored Study Options: One of the significant advantages of studying abroad is the flexibility and availability of various courses. No matter if you want to go in the science, sports, entertainment, arts, or psychology field, there are a plethora of fully-fledged programs prepared in almost every discipline with best-in-class technology, modern equipment, and renowned faculties.

Better Research Opportunities: One of the significant study abroad education paths chosen is the research. If you are planning research in your interest subject, you must know there are very few universities in the home country, which cater to your research area, and if they do, there are very few sources available. Whereas choosing to study abroad in a university can give you more options in programs, facilities, and accessibility to various sites, libraries, modern equipment, and more.

You get to see the world from a closer eye: Most universities abroad have a community of both local and international students for you to get immersed in a different environment. Wherein you get to see and do things you wouldn’t expect, and meet people who have grown up in a different culture, understand their traditions, food, and explore the places, and much more. Besides all this, you establish lasting friendships with people based in other countries, which is an excellent chance to build an international professional network.

You become Independent: Moving out from your native land and choosing to study abroad means you are out of your home comfort into a completely unknown place, wherein you start from scratch and navigate this new world of yours on your own. This whole experience of studying abroad makes individuals more independent as they learn, adapt, and familiarize themselves and thus get prepared to fit & deal in with any situation life throws on them.

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