Dr. P. Prabhavathy, Associate Professor of English - Department of Science and Humanities, Suguna College of Engineering, Coimbatore

Dr. P. Prabhavathy is currently serving as Associate Professor of English, Department of Science and Humanities at Suguna College of Engineering, Coimbatore. Additionally, she works as a freelancer for Versatile Corporate Solutions, Chennai. She owes membership in ELTAI, IJELL, MISERP and JCI. Earlier, she had been serving as Soft Skills Trainer in reputed Self-Financing Engineering Colleges and has a rich and profound teaching and industry experience over 14 years in and around Coimbatore district. She has been certified as International Trainer on Behavioral Science (CBS); Personality Development & Soft / Life Skills Training from MAC – SINGAPORE certification Private Ltd., To her credit, she has authored 1 textbook and 3 workbooks on the engineering curriculum. She has published more than 18 research papers in International Journals with good impact factor. She has also published more than 20 papers in the proceedings of the National, International Conferences and Seminars sponsored by UGC, AICTE and NAAC.


Every teacher is to be a role model, manager, parent, facilitator, mentor, counsellor, guide, researcher, learner and informer for the learners’ in the class in implementation of new instructional technique and curriculum. To ensure that learners are motivated to learn successfully, teachers must equip them with a supportive tool, nurturing and acquiring, safe and comfortable zone that is generated with positivity. The learners’ ought to be given with the liberty to learn through adventure, exploration, experimentation and experiences for their potential growth and professionalism.

Globalizing India is very resourceful, and it enhances the doorstep into the world of effectiveness and professional development. To promote professional development among the teachers and learners at tertiary level, the objective of any institutions is to impart technical-based knowledge sharing education to develop the professional skills for immediate recruitment.

The formula of successful teaching is “To teach is to reach”. Skills are the basic sets, foundation and core of every technocrat. The process of Teaching and Learning depends on the following categories like Teacher’s – Learners’ bonding, Teaching – Learning resources and the Teaching-Learning Environment. At present, ‘COVID-19′ results in teaching-learning without classroom environment, instead, glassroom teaching-learning warms up everywhere.

Online or eLearning are being developed and welcomed all over the World. Through online courses or eLearning, the course materials can be accessed at free of cost. Learners’ assignments are assessed and comments on the work sent, usually by e-mail. Nowadays, ‘GOOGLE CLASSROOM’ has been designed where learners’ could get connected or grouped to work on projects, across boundaries through networking.

Francis W. Noe says, “Good instruction is the foundation of any educational programme. Audiovisual aids are a part of that foundation”

Often, the teaching-learning situation requires different techniques which are to be designed depending upon the learners’ need and the presentation, study aids (including audio and visual) may be upgraded to make teaching-learning very useful, effective and easy and interesting and informative.

At this juncture, major approach, method and technique involves in the teaching-learning atmosphere; increasing influence in education and training circles is that of free online e-resources, mainly, Telegram App, Skyfi, online certification courses on Skill Development Programming like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics, Machine Learning, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security, Power Systems, Basic TQM, Heat Treatment, Control Systems and other courses related to the engineering curriculum. The teachers and the learners are mainly interested in downloading free eLearning materials which are to be posted among the groups formed in the ‘Google Classroom’. Video conferencing via Zoom connectivity is becoming more popular at present days which also take care of peer interaction.

Classroom or Glassroom resources and interactions should be enabled authentically, which in turn reflects real lifetime needs and demands as we are now facing the crisis. Planning and Preparation plays a very significant role in every activity of life. The success of work is measured only if the work is properly planned and prepared. Hence, the 2p’s is mandatory in the teaching and learning process of any subject.

There is a saying “Art is long; life is short”, which pinpoints that Teaching – Learning is not an end in itself. On the other hand, it means to realize an individual with his/her full utmost potentiality, self‐ realization towards not only with the academic needs but also with the sensitivity; passion; innovativeness; psychological and other developmental requirements. On the other hand, to undertake innovative approaches, methods and techniques for the improvement of learners’ proficiency.

Meanwhile, the resources should be learner-centred and whereas the content, materials, learning activities should lead with the learner’s emotional attitude towards language, its culture and the group. Similarly, the assessment levels should focus on life skills like thinking skills versus social skills, co-operative learning with learners’ and should involve with self- introspection and self- actualization too.

The teaching and learning process, by and large, finds to be depending on the institution followed by the professional teachers. Learning objectives and strategies; interacting and sharing information; exchanging ideas and opinions should be the roadmap of any technological development and bridge the learning gaps and should pave the way for the success of every mankind. Thus, the teaching and the learning process are interlinked.

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