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Competitive exams like all India law entrance exam (AILET), Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), Integrated Program in Management (IPMAT) or BMS DU entrance exam these days have garnered a state of utmost importance and so has its preparation process. As soon as the student is on verge of clearing class 10th, one important question which bothers everyone is which stream to choose and which career to pursue. And added to the current ongoing situation, which is quite uncertain poses different challenges in front of the students.

In addition to this one should also keep in mind the proposed changes in the New Education Policy (NEP) and incorporating one test for central universities CUCET. Both of these talk about building aptitude and admissions to universities based on aptitude.

In this competitive era, when a student is burdened with expectations from parents, teachers, society, and expectations from self, it becomes very important for them to be very hardworking and sure about their preparation. Beyond doubt that the stress level period will prolong with multi-directional pressure including the ones from the peers.

Students nowadays are sure of where they want to get in and they start working towards their career path as early as possible. However, if one is ambitious, handling pressure is the differentiating factor taking more efforts than the actual studying for the exams.

If one is serious and reluctant to pursue a rewarding career in law or Management, then the right time to start preparing is now. While students from different streams require different preparation strategies, a science student aspiring for IIT’s or Medical, starts his basic fundamental preparations way before. But   commerce or a humanities student starts the same thing once they enter class 12th or even after that.

But this doesn’t mean that the students from the latter streams are not serious about their future but the basic mindset is that 11th is for fun and frolic. On the contrary, it is time to work on the basics which are important for any entrance examination.

For International Education SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) students start preparing from standard 11th, so not only class 11th allows one to utilize their time at an optimum level but also acts as a foundation for a solid benchmark to be achieved in all the entrances. Any student gearing up for their entrance preparation should aim to start early and ensure more focused pedagogy.

Advantages of starting early – Kickstart from an early age

Experts always advocate that it is never too early to train your brain. Young and energetic brains adjust to analytical thinking better than the ones who are already in the mold. Children should develop the spirit of competition early on to clear the entrance examinations. Therefore, preparing their minds early on can prove extremely beneficial for them.

The parents need to decide whether they want their child to have fun now and struggle later when the focus shifts to board class to score a good percentage for a good college. Hence, focussing on developing the aptitude of the child early is recommended. It helps you master the topics asked in the aptitude test.

Preparation for any entrance varies from person to person. The learners should understand their learning style and act accordingly. Any student who wants to ace such entrances should know that it is about three aspects LEARN, PRACTICE, and TEST. The learner should be pragmatic and not procrastinate in starting the process to lay the foundation for the same. A wise man once said that the right time to take action is NOW.

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