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In the world of specialization and globalization, pharmacy education has emerged as the second most popular career for medical stream students in India. The increase in demand has led to a surge in the number of institutions offering pharmacy degrees at various levels and a practice-based Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program in some private institutions in 2008. As the pharma sector works to propel itself towards the next level of growth, among the major challenges that confront the industry today are significant talent gaps and shortage of highly skilled workforce.

Innovation in the drug delivery method is the future of the Indian pharma industry and the pharmacy course structure in India mainly consists of two facets of the profession: patient (pharmacy practice) and product (industrial pharmacy)-oriented pharmacy in different proportions together. As the rapidly growing Indian pharmaceutical sector strives to become a global hub of original drug research and manufacturing, pharmacy graduates with the right training and knowledge have significant potential to power the industry’s growth.

Pharmacy education in India needs to be at par with global standards, where students armed with all required expertise, can grow up the career ladder, which the academia has been trying to achieve by making their curriculum more industry-oriented these days for the benefit of their students. With that in mind, the Higher Education Digest presents to you “25 Must-Watch Pharmacy Colleges in India”, to celebrate their efforts in helping their students step into the industry. We recognize their support for the growing economy by bringing efficiency in the current education system.

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