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Engineering is undoubtedly the most sought-after career option in India. Engineering graduates work across several domains and industries, handling a huge range of operations from development and production to quality check and distribution. From banks to production houses and automobile giants to IT firms – engineers are required in every sphere and industry. As one of the largest suppliers of engineers globally, India’s engineering education should be at par with the global standards and the requirements of the industries. As global industries are involved, it is important to understand engineering education in India and its significance.

India has the largest number of engineers and the largest number of engineering education institutes and infrastructure in the world. In 2021, India annually produces one million engineering graduates, has 3500 engineering colleges, 3400 polytechnics, and 200 schools of planning and architecture, and many times more Industrial training institutes. A combination of these imparts undergraduate and graduate courses in architecture, engineering, applied engineering, and sciences. Due to growing globalization, there is a lot of competition among students to succeed and contribute to the growth and development of the country. And India is one of the countries which provides the best engineering education for students.

Appreciating engineering institutes all over India, Higher Education Digest presents “25 Must-Watch Engineering Colleges in India”, to showcase their efforts in helping engineering students ease into the industry through their reformed curriculum and making the education system at par with the industry standards.

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