Mr. Sreedhar Bevara, MBA, B.Com

CEO at BMR Innovations, Ex Senior General Manager at Panasonic, LG, The Hindu, TATA, Author: Moment of Signal & The Roaring Lambs, Motivational Speaker & Leadership Consultant.

Mr. Sreedhar Bevara, Senior GM, Panasonic is a business leader and has over 25 years of experience the FGCG & Consumer Electronics industry.

Sreedhar, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad also held key positions in LG Electronics, Dometic, The Hindu and the Tata Group. Sreedhar also runs a charity through BMR Trust to offer “Bright Morning Rise” to the needy and suffering.

He is also the author of Amazon Bestselling book “Moment of Signal”.

Mr. Sreedhar was recently invited to speak in IIT Delhi & IIM Ahmedabad.

An inspiring story, in true slum dog millionaire style: from street vendor to waiter, milk delivery boy to door-to-door salesman, and eventually General Manager at Panasonic Corporation, Sreedhar Bevara is a life study on how embracing your moments of signals can help you realize your full leadership potential.

He grew from the bottom to find himself at the top. Learn his secrets and become the leader you truly are. He emphasizes, ‘the best way to excel is not to follow the signals, but to find them for yourself’.

He is passionate about the “leadership within us” and has spoken on the topic to world-class names in the region. Living currently in the vibrant city of Dubai, Sreedhar travels extensively and is obsessed with fitness.