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It is estimated that over 70% engineering students are considered unemployable for available jobs. A large factor is attributed to lack of non technical skills that are equally essential to build successful trajectories. While India’s new national educational policy highly recommends developing proficiency in skills such as creative problem solving, storytelling, critical thinking and negotiation skills, majority college students continue to merely focus on only enhancing their technical skills rendering themselves unemployable for aspirational jobs, especially in IT & Engineering.

The Young Changemakers Conclave, an initiative by the United Nations and X Billion Labs, is set to host a session featuring Aarin Capital Chairman Mohandas Pai, MD and CEO Aptech Dr. Anil Pant, Capgemini Chief Executive Officer Ashwin Yardi, Tech Mahindra Global Chief People Officer Harshvendra Soin and Masai School Co-founder and CEO Prateek Shukla, and Accenture Human Resources Head Srijata Sengupta address youth aspiring to work in the IT sector, and discuss what they look for while recruiting candidates. The dialogue took place today where the keynote address was delivered by Mr. Mohandas Pai.

As technology, innovation and competitive business models transform the job landscape and hiring criteria, it is necessary that students are made aware of such changes in order to build successful careers in the world of tech. In an environment where rote-tasks are gradually being automated, and companies are chasing exponential growth, IT companies are now demanding S.M.A.R.T generalists who can think, solve, and create beyond their technical or theoretical competence: an expertise in skills such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, storytelling, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and remote communication is becoming essential in today’s world of work. In fact, the World Economic Forum ranks these amongst the top 10 job skills of the future.

“Unemlployability is a looming socio-economic crisis. Currently 3.8 crore youth are enrolled in the higher education system with a majority aspiring to build careers in IT & engineering domains. It is an urgent need to appraise them of the changing hiring criterias and shifting focus on soft skills. Through this dialogue we hope to ignite the imagination of learners across 30 cities and nudge them to include enhancing proficiency in 21st century skills as a part of their career development agenda”, said Samyak Chakrabarty, Founder, X Billion Skills Lab.

In his keynote, Mohandas Pai, said, “We are coming to the era of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics where a lot of the work people normally do is getting automated. In order to succeed in life during this time, you need to retain your sense of curiosity – keep the learning process going. You also need a problem solving attitude, you need to understand technology and develop the ability to use it to be productive. Also develop your soft skills, especially strong communication skills to be able to express yourself.”

Since its inception in 2011, UNYCC has hosted speakers such as Unilever Global COO Nitin Paranjpe, Union Cabinet Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, World Bank India Head Junaid Ahmed, former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, Leader of Self-Employed Women’s Association of India Reema Nanavati, BYJU Ravindran, and World Bank Director Junaid Ahmad with the aim of enabling a dialogue between youth and illustrious leaders.

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