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Data is the fuel running the enterprises in the digital world. Most enterprises are leveraging Big Data for their business operations. Proficiency in Big Data will assure an important place in the future workforce.

The set of gathered large data that cannot be processed with traditional computing methods is known as Big Data. It comprises several techniques, tools, and frameworks. You can gain practical training about Big Data from Xebia Academy and enhance your skills in data engineering utilizing SQL, MongoDB including well-known components such as HDFS, Spark and Cloud Computing.

The course shall include knowledge about Big data Overview, Big data challenges, types of Vs, past of future techniques, real time scenarios, Hadoop technology for big data, Hadoop architecture, Hadoop ecosystem tools, Hadoop cluster system, agile practices, agile methodologies, Github, Big data Ingestion, analyzing structured data, Big data processing and data cleaning, python, scala, spark and building data pipeline.

Eligibility: Basic knowledge of SQL is required, and a prior coding experience will be an added benefit.
Course duration: 5 months

Last Date to apply: 30th Oct 2021

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