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Keeping up with its standards and forging new thresholds in the sphere of Design, World University of Design (WUD) commemorated National Design Guru Day with the felicitation of noted Designer, Educator and Pro Vice Chancellor – Prof. Jatin Bhatt as Design Guru on Wednesday, November 10th, 2021 at WUD Campus.

For his varied contribution in the field of Design and having helped create many generations of young designers, Prof. Jatin Bhatt was honored with the title of Design Guru by World University of Design for 2021. As part of the event a memorial lecture on “Personal Accents in Design Practice & Education” was also delivered by Prof. Bhatt.

Expressing himself on this revered day, Vice-Chancellor of World University of Design Dr. Sanjay Gupta said, “National Design Guru Day for us is about honouring the fathers of Design education for their contribution in the field. While imparting education in design we also see ourselves as evangelists of the discipline; indeed we believe in the ever-changing nature of the domain and its relevance in the changing world. It excites me to see how design as a mainstream subject is becoming popular by the day and a much larger number of students are drifting towards it for wider scopes and creative job opportunities. I feel responsible in making design education trans-disciplinary, and available to those who have the passion and the enthusiasm. How design as a binding discipline across all sectors, industries and fields is a story in itself. It has thus become extremely important for us to recognize first generation Design Gurus for having playing a pivotal role in it. I feel fortunate to have with us my former colleague at NIFT and a celebrated academician – Prof. Jatin Bhatt. He is a name who in his vast career has chiseled out essential nuances in the field of design and made that knowledge available to younger generations.”

On the occasion Prof. Jatin Bhatt remarked, “I am highly pleased with the love and respect I have received here in the university. I see the zeal and substance in the students here through the questions they raise! Also I would congratulate World University of Design for their incredible contribution to the design fraternity and for propelling the passion for the subject across disciplines. Their emphasis on design as trans-disciplinary education is commendable because design is what the future awaits.”

Since their inception in 2018 WUD has emerged as a promising institute spearheading all domains pertaining to Design as a discipline. Being the first and the only institute exclusively dedicated to this creative field, the university recognizes National Design Guru Day every year to mark the birth anniversary of Prof. M P Ranjan, a name that has pioneered design education as part of mainstream curriculum and helped in percolating it through generations of students of design. While observing this day annually the university pays its homage to the first generation of Design Gurus who flagged off the revolutionary design movement in India.

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