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New Education Policy announced by Ministry of Education, Government of India has far-reaching effect and has opened doors of opportunities for students to get the best of higher education. To deliberate on the impact of New Education Policy for US Universities, an interactive webinar was organized by Amity University wherein world-renowned academicians and industry leaders participated and presented their views on the theme “New Education Policy: Its Implications for US Universities”.

Padma Bhushan Professor Jagdish N. Sheth, Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Business, Goizueta Business School, Emory University; Dr. Renu Khator, Chancellor and President,  University of Houston; Prof. Shyam Sunder, James L. Frank Professor, Yale School of Management where the part of the panel for the webinar. The session was moderated by Dr. Gurdeep Kaur Chawla, President, California State Chapter, Director, IAICC, entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist. Co-Moderated by prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities.

Padma Bhushan Professor Jagdish N. Sheth

Panelists were welcomed by. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor & President, Amity University; Dr. Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor & Additional President, Amity University; Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity University; Dr. S. Selvamurthy, President, ASTIF, Prof. S. Sitaraman, Director, Amity New York; Prof. VP Bhawna Kumar, Ms. Savita Arora, Sr. VP, Amity New York.

Welcoming the Panelists, Dr. Aseem Chauhansaid thatthe panelists of this webinar are the institutional builders, thought leaders, people committed to developing better quality education, research at global level. Dr Chauhan said that esteemed panelists will help in guiding us what New Education Policy can and should mean for globalized education. Dr. Atul Chauhan said that it is very rare occasion that we are interacting with some of the tallest thought leaders of the world. Today at Amity we are extremely honored and privileged that all panelists are sharing your thoughts about New Education Policy and Future of Education of India.

Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh said that it is very important for any university is that how it contributes in quality education system. Humble efforts of Prime minister is towards direction that we should be able to create platform inviting some of the top universities in India and should be able to give that quality education which the Indian Education system was lacking for many decades.

Dr Atul Chauhan, Chancellor & President, Amity University

Padma Bhushan Professor Jagdish N. Sheth said that when students go abroad for higher studies there is a huge brain drain happening through the education process. For the first time by bringing world-class institutions, we aspire to be excellent, this will raise not only the bar for the foreign universities but Indian universities have to raise their bars. India has world-class students. Issue of infrastructure and quality standards can be raised by embracing global standards. Prof.Sheth added that education makes ordinary people extraordinary and if they are given world-class education with affordability and accessibility, the future of the Indian education system will be very different.

Dr RenuKhator said that you have to build on your foundation which consists of your history, cultural values. You can import a lot of things but not your foundation. Focus on substance, the ranking will come. Great Universities are built by great communities and those communities involve a lot of partners – government, business, and the universities, they all have to come together. She pointed out three areas where foreign universities have role first collaborations & twinning programs, second Vocational education and last is Building direct campuses in India by Top 100 Universities.

Dr. Gurdeep Kaur Chawla said that we must lay more emphasis on education and on bringing foreign universities in India to make Indian Universities world-class and this is the vision of Prime Minister Modi. It is also important for US Universities to come to India because they can get the kind of immersion that they cannot get otherwise, as India is such a vivid and diverse country. New Education Policy is a very friendly and accommodating policy and hopes that India will soon be the top leading nation in the field of academics.

Prof. Shyam Sunder talked about six key issues in the university education system in India – Mission, financing, quality, research, contribution, philanthropy, and balancing the conflicting pressures. The social responsibility of any University is to teach students, inspire imagination & creativity, impart knowledge of words, and the ability to keep learning. Delivery of all other functions is based on the success of these basic functions. Nothing is more important than shaping and informing young minds.

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