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IMS Ghaziabad organized a Workshop on “Unlocking Your Potential”. The distinguished Expert Resource Speaker for the workshop was Ms. Vatsala Agarwal, Personal Growth Coach, Observer, Speaker, Writer & Motivator. The initiative was envisioned under the mentorship of Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Director, IMS Ghaziabad to enable the learners to be aware about their hidden potential. Welcoming the expert speaker, Dr. Urvashi apprised the gathering that Ms. Vatsala has been associated with the institute in the past also wherein she developed the flagship course of Personal & Professional Skills Program. Applauding her remarkable way of mentoring the learners and unleashing their latent potential, she emphasized to the young minds that such sessions could be changing their life direction and help them reflect upon their existence as human beings.

Ms. Vatsala Agarwal, in her unique style, explained the meaning of the term ‘Potential’ to the inquisitive students. She inspired them to reflect upon the crucial aspects of why they must care about potential, how they will know that their potential is being unlocked and why they must focus on what is being discussed by the speaker. Sensitizing the participants to the organic ways in which our mind works, she explored quick fixes that let us out, along with ways to nurture productive, healthy patterns. Anchored by Khushi Mishra & Vaibhav Nagpal and coordinated by Dr. Radhika Malhotra & Dr. Parul Agarwal, the unique workshop enabled the participants build a healthy relationship with themselves.

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