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Each workplace has its own unique set of challenges and safety concerns. That is why there is no single best approach to mitigating risk or solving safety issues. However, processes and practices like PSM(Process Safety Management) exist so that organisations can take a well-thought blueprint and adjust it to their specific needs. Gujarat being the prominent industrialised state, the need to understand news trends in Process Safety Management becomes a need of the hour.

With rapid changes swapping across the production verticals, education institution like Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute organised a seminar on Process Safety Management on 23rd January 2020, to prepare the students for the new age industrial challenges. The seminar was lead Shashank Korde, Expert of PSM, Shushant Chaturvedi, Sr Manager, HSE, RIL, Jamnagar, Rajarshi Ghosh, corporate HSE& Sustainability, Bodal Chemicals Ltd who share the practical cases with students and fellow industry members. In his inaugural speech of the seminar Shri Hasubhai Dave, Vice president MGLI said “the purpose of the seminar is to help participants to improve upon the working conditions within their unit. Safety is  not just related to the workplace; it relates to our day to day life like driving on the road, cooking  on the gas stove.’’

Dr Suman Vaishnav, preceding faculty of the seminar, mentioned that at MGLI, their role is just not to impart knowledge but keep them ready for the new challenges that are lying ahead. “ They are going to be leaders of tomorrow’s organisations are going to deal with sustainability issues in manufacturing and human-centric approach would be the driver.” She added.

Addressing the participants, Shri Shashank J Korde said: “an effective process safety management is evaluated on the process design, process technology, process changes, operational and maintenance activities and procedures, non‐routine activities and procedures, emergency preparedness plans and procedures, training programs, and other elements that affect the process.”

Highlighting the challenges of  Process Safety Management  Shri Rajarshi Ghosh said: “The seminar covered the role of leadership in the process safety management and stressed the importance of safety culture, commitment and accountability of the leadership at the top.”

Shushant Chaturvedi emphasised on holistic awareness in the context of workplace safety and any employee should raise the concern regarding safety as safety is everyone.’s responsibility.

The day-long seminar also saw various industries like the Nirma ,Bodal Chemicals, Dishman, Deep Industries, Eleceterom, Appolo tyres, Tata motors, Dishman, Arvind Ltd, Adani gas Ltd, Sabar Dairy, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to name few from the industries.

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