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Speaking at length about successful career trajectories for professionals across industries at Success Gyan’s first-ever virtual Career Growth Summit recently, India’s leading career coach Sawan Kapoor emphasised the power of an individual’s personal victory coming before their public victory. “You have to win in your eyes before you win the eyes of the world”. He added that mastering the job search process is not an optional skill anymore, but rather a necessity for survival.

Says Kapoor: “Getting hired is a three-step process. First, you have to be visible to the company, it gets to know you, then if you say the right things, it begins to like you, and then it begins to trust you. Your ability to negotiate a strong salary depends on how they get to know you.”

Defining a ‘dream job, the top career coach explained that when a company’s NEEDS (New Emergencies and Existing Difficulties to be Solved; or an employer’s critical challenges) overlap with a candidate’s STEEKQ (Skills, Talents, Education, Experience, Knowledge and Qualities), the candidate becomes compelling to the employer. This is more so when both their value system and WANTS (What Aspects are Needed To be Successful) are aligned.

The Summit took place as the world returns to a new version of normalcy and employees return to offices after a long hiatus. In addition to Sawan Kapoor, the power-packed four-hour session featured six of the world’s best career growth experts. The CGS equipped almost 5000 attendees with the right skills and career hacks required to make their next career move.

Dr. Meghana Dikshit, a leading brain performance expert and coach said at the Summit: “You are not a born procrastinator. Remove yourself from that identity. Procrastination is a habit that was once created, and if it was created, it can be changed too. For instance, if you are delaying starting a project/task saying you work well under pressure, the reason for procrastination is perfectionism and the solution is to set a start date/time, not an end date/time.”

Dr. Prateep V Philip, former DGP Training and Director Police Academy, and creator of new thought process Equilibrium Thinking, shared at the Summit: “For your career and mind growth, the solution is the thought process between the nine inches between your ears. Equilibrium thinking is neither optimistic, nor pessimistic, but realistic and balanced. Everything starts with thoughts. Change your thoughts and you can transform your career.”

Siddharth Rajsekar, leading info-marketing expert, while sharing top three growth hacks said: “Your focus is the most valuable asset, if you are able to specialise and focus on one micro-market, that’s an advantage to your business. Second, invest in yourself. Don’t be cheap on your journey towards greatness. Third, systems fail, people fail. Work your way up according to a system.”

Leading transformation trainer Prachi Mayekar spoke about going the extra mile while doing the task at hand, thereby leaving a mark and becoming unforgettable. “Become a brand. Become the name that is associated with your service,” she said, adding that money management and multiplying are important while earning more.

Speaking about the abundant mindset, Dr. M. V. Priyank, leading abundance and wellness coach, shared: “Your inner world creates your outer world. Everything is energy, and everything is sound energy. The right change in frequency and vibration can attract the right solutions to your problems.”

Leading personal impact coach Chinha Raheja shared: “Your personal brand is a confluence between your perceptions about yourself and those of others around you. Personal branding can help you build credibility in front of key stakeholders, gain trust of both your boss and teammates, minimise imposter syndrome and help you raise your self-confidence. It will also boost your public perception as a go-to expert and your earning potential.”

Surendran J, Founder & CEO, Success Gyan says, “Our curation of India’s top coaches for the first virtual Career Growth Summit was a definite success. As several offices are ready to reopen while others have adopted a hybrid approach, the Summit was born out of our belief that it’s time for working professionals to focus on their professional journeys as well. Workplace cultures have evolved significantly and programs like Career Growth Summit help individuals to not just adapt, but thrive in the new world through the efficient and proven strategies of our trainers.”

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