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Vizara, an IIT Delhi incubated Indian Technology start-up, working at the confluence of cutting-edge technologies, is all set to showcase India’s rich heritage at the Expo 2021 Dubai in its most contemporary and new age form. In association with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Vizara will present five true-scale 3D printed replicas of Indian monuments with a linked augmented reality (AR) application. In add

ition, Vizara has created three films on Gandhi @150 which were shown at the virtual dome screen that opened at the India Pavilion on 2nd October 2021.

The Dubai Expo event creates an eco-system where all stakeholders working in the digital and cultural heritage domain, come together and identify open issues in the management of heritage globally. The Indian monument models aim to present state-of-the-art technology being developed and tested in re-creating monuments digitally to help in digital preservation and archival of the world heritage sites.

The Expo 2021 Dubai comes at a perfect juncture when India is celebrating 75 years of independence. Vizara’s proposition offers a creative and relevant solution to brining Indian history to the fore leveraging new age expressions.

Speaking about the participation, Dr Anupama Malik, Managing Director, Vizara Technologies Pvt. Ltd. said, “It gives me immense pleasure and pride to be representing our country at a global platform like the Dubai Expo. It has been our endeavour in partnership with the DST and Ministry of Culture to make our heritage relevant in contemporary times and for the future. It is our duty to spread information and knowledge about our heritage, and technology makes the path easy in many ways. We are the only Indian company showcasing heritage monuments digitally, therefore, we look forward to receiving visitors from around the world and experiencing the power of AR, 3D printing and our history.”

Vizara is the only Indian company that will showcase the Indian heritage monuments digitally, 4 out of these 5 are UNESCO world heritage sites and were digitally documented and then 3D printed. The company offers a sustainable, structured plan with a broad scientific undertaking to reincarnate the Indian heritage in the digital era. Vizara’s Dubai showcase includes:

  • Stone Chariot, Hampi (3D printed replica 1.5 ft X 1.5 ft X 2ft) – with digital reconstruction in AR
  • Taj Mahal, Agra (3D printed replica 6ft x 4ft x 1ft) – with guided tour in AR
  • Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi (3D printed replica 6ft x 3ft x 2ft) – with guided tour in AR
  • Sun Temple, Konark (3D printed replica 6ft x 5ft x 2ft) – with guided tour in AR
  • Rani Ki Vav, Gujarat (3D printed replica 10ft x 3.5ft x 3.5ft) – with guided tour in AR

The Site guided tours are in Hindi and English and can be experienced through an AR app called “DharohAR App” run through iPads placed next to the models. The app was specially created for the India Pavilion by Vizara. These models will attempt to bring a sense of home coming for Indians abroad with a trace of spirituality and culture to promote tourism at the Dubai Expo 2021. It will also attract communities from diverse disciplines such as science, technology, culture, and social sciences who are engaged in conservation, preservation, and management of the World Heritage in the physical and digital space.

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