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The virtual sessions of ‘Vishwarang’ International Literature and Art Festival were held at America, Netherland, New Zealand, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, UAE and countries as well on Monday. The sessions commenced with interesting performances, Tabla-Vadan and interviews.It is noteworthy that Vishwarang Fest that emerged from Central India is now gaining fame in other countries as well.The first session of the day, being addressed from the Netherlands, was presided over by Director of Gandhi Kendra, Mr. Mohan Singh. The session was conducted by Shivangi Shukla.

Mr Mohan Singh said that the purpose of children’s literature was not limited only to entertainment but also to enhance the character of the students. Through literature we can give strength to the growing minds of children, so that the spirit of dedication and of culture can be instilled among them.

In the first session, Aastha Dixit recited a poem based on a mother and Alok Pandey narrated a Dutch story on a camel. Harshika Vajpayee, Ravi Srivastava also recited their poems and Mansi narrated a story she had written. Sevantika along with the children, who played different characters, narrated the stories of Panchatantra. The second session saw the timeline of developing Indian culture along with one-of-a-kind performances given by talented artists from the Netherlands. Saumya Shukla, a famous dancer, gave a beautiful Kathak performance which held the audience spellbound. Angel Aruna presented her song. Every performance painted a picture of the country and the connection with its heritage.

The third session portrayed an introduction of the Netherlands featuring beautiful cities of the country. Eminent netizens like Dr Mansi, Jayata Dutta and Santosh Kumar magnificently described the features of their cities Almere and Delft.The fourth session was held on ‘Global Legacy of Sanskrit’. A discussion on the importance, quality and relevance of Sanskrit language was carried out. Jeffrey Armstrong gave his speech on Sanskrit language.

Vishwarang in USA, New Zealand

A series of enthralling dance performances were held in the next session ‘Indian Classical Art in USA’ that was broadcasted from The United States of America.

Sargam Group, EWS Dance Group, Parampara Group and Saumya Devi gave a delightful Kathak dance performance. Ras Garba illustrated the Rasleela through another Kathak dance performance while Urvashi and Hina gave a ‘Tandav’ dance performance. A harmonious Tabla-Vadan performance was given by Pooran towards the end of this session.

In the sessions culminating in New Zealand, Rohit Kumar Happy interviewed cultural expert Dr. Pushpa Bhardwaj Wood. Dr Bhardwaj focused upon the role of parents in imbibing values of language in their children. She said that the level of affinity parents have towards a language, decides their children’s interest in the same. She also said that in New Zealand nearly 250-300 students are currently doing research on Hindi language.

In the second session from New Zealand, Rohit Kumar Happy interviewed musician Vasant Madhur from Sargam School of Music.

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Vasant said that foreign students show more interest in Indian Music and are actively involved in its research. According to him, Pt Ravishankar and Zakir Hussain are the reason why Indian music gained popularity among foreigners. He further said that many of his students have taken inspiration from these two music maestros.

Interview of many famous personalities from Australia was taken.

In the sessions concluded on Monday, the audience got a chance to listen to celebrities like Mala Mehta, Anuj and Svechha, Soma Nair. Toshani and Janani Nath  gave a beautiful performance in the session broadcasted from Trinidad.

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