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The VIBGYOR Group of Schools, a leading chain of K-12 schools, today announced the launch of Viva 12, their annual inter-school cultural festival. In light of the on-going pandemic situation, the extravaganza is being hosted virtually for the first time, with activities continuing till 20th December 2020. The grand finale will be broadcast online and on VIBGYOR’s social media channels, allowing viewers across the country to watch the exceptional performances put up by students.

Viva brings together not just VIBGYOR students, but students from various schools across the country to celebrate their many talents and skills. It is a glittering kaleidoscope of enthralling online games, workshops and competitions that showcase a wide range of impressive singing, dancing and acting performances.

On the launch of Viva 12, Ms. Kavita Sahay Kerawalla, Vice Chairperson, VIBGYOR Group of Schools, said, “The New National Education Policy (NEP 2020) lays immense focus on the holistic development of students, which we have been championing for 15 years. VIBGYOR’s pursuit of excellence in holistic education is reflected in the consistent commitment it demonstrates to the overall development of students. Each year, we meticulously curate Viva to provide students from across the country a platform to showcase their immense and diverse talent, and encourage the spirit of healthy competition and collaboration. What puts Viva apart is that it is not just another school fest, it is both an annual ritual and carnival for thousands of students coming together to celebrate, achieve and entertain at a platform that is unparalleled by any other. Through the festival, we aim to provide intellectually stimulating symposiums to motivate young minds to conquer infinite milestones. This year, the spirit of the festival will remain the same, but the platform is digital.”

Viva 12 will host a series of competitions, webinars and workshops, designed and facilitated by certified coaches and highly qualified teachers. These include:

  • Short film making competition: The theme will be provided by VIBGYOR and the best three films will be shared on VIBGYOR’s social media channels
  • Online gaming competition: Solo competitions will be hosted in Chess, FIFA and Sudoku, among other games
  • Viva Swing N Swirl: Solo dance competition
  • Voice of Viva: Indian and Western singing competition
  • Viva Nova (Quarantine King and Queen): A personality contest for students
  • Webinars with experts on various subjects
  • Workshops conducted by experts on various subjects

After overwhelming participation from over 1,500 schools in 2019, Viva is set to welcome an even wider audience online this year. Students will get the opportunity to engage in creative and competitive pursuits to keep honing their skills from the comfort and safety of their homes. The festival is also open for parents and friends of students.

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