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With online learning, the only way ahead for students in the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, Vedantu, a pioneer and leading LIVE online interactive tutoring platform, has launched an initiative to help and make education accessible to students in rural India. Vedantu has launched a new initiative as a part of “Daan Utsav / Joy of Giving” to help and make education accessible and affordable to students in rural India. As a part of this philanthropic initiative, the company has donated 150 smartphones to students affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, worth approximately INR 9lacs in Telangana.

The pandemic has forced schools to remain shut. The paucity of smartphones, in rural areas, has made it hard for students to begin e-classes. The students belonging to less privileged sections of society are unable to avail of the facility of online education either due to lack of smartphones or not being able to afford the phone or internet. The initiative comes at a time when thousands of students have been inept to attend classes due to the restrictions posed by Covid-19 and had to resort to online learning. As the beginning of this CSR initiative, Vedantu enabled two government schools in Telangana – ZPHS Tekriyal Kamareddy, in Kamareddy district & TSWR in Vikarabad District ensuring the Learning won’t stop for students.

Talking about this initiative, Pulkit Jain, Co-founder & product head, Vedantu, said “As part of growing learning need in our country, we realize we have a social responsibility to enable learning for those who don’t have access to the medium. With a view of assisting students to enable digital learning, we have launched the initiative to make quality learning and teaching available for all the students across affected rural India. This is a small step towards bringing in a revolution to make education accessible to all. Also, we have procured all the smartphones from local vendors in Telangana to promote the growth of local businesses during this unprecedented time.”

Vedantu encouraged its employees to contribute towards this initiative and a noble cause, which will now give a section of students some means to continue with their education in today’s scenario. Vedantu is also looking at providing free online courses and classes to the students and will continue to provide quality education.

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