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With over 4000+ Alumni & 10,000 corporate learners along with 7 partnerships with leading universities around the world – INSOFE is ranked high for global excellence and the most sought-after destination for an undergraduate to doctoral education in ML, AI & Data Science.

INSOFE revenues will cross USD 13 Million (INR 100Crore) this year and is profitable.

With a presence in the USA, UK, France, Canada & India, what differentiates INSOFE is their thriving global corporate association for training, consulting, and research which enables their student programs to be practical and effective.

INSOFE partner university’s Bachelor’s to Doctoral program in ML & AI prepares learners for jobs of the future. Immediate synergies are that upGrad learners will get classroom options in several programs and INSOFE and ATLAS SkillTech University (sponsored and supported wholly by upGrad) will launch a series of specialized programs.

“INSOFE adds a strong R&D component in AI and ML to upGrad’s large education service basket and helps upGrad create very exciting novel services for corporates and students globally. INSOFE is the gold standard of excellence in these specialised areas and adds incredible value to upGrad as we combine forces,” said Mayank Kumar MD & Co-founder, upGrad.

“INSOFE’s depth in AI and ML coupled with upGrad’s partner and student base makes a powerful combination to assume a leadership position in AI education and research worldwide. We are very excited in coming together and leveraging our excellence center right here in Hyderabad & Bangalore that will match up with anyone around the globe and in some of the most sought-after areas of specialization of the 21st Century,” adds Dr. Murthy, Co-founder, and CEO – INSOFE.

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